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09-16-13, 11:28 am
I have been reading your site and forums for a while now and just decided it was time to register and introduce my little piggy family...So Hi and Wheek, wheek! My husband and I have 4 little pigs, we started with one and quickly progressed to 4! They are in order of arrival... Jett, girl and now prego, Dart, boy, Teddy, boy, and our little baby girl Kiki, although she is about the same age as the boys... The story of their arrival is a bit odd but has a lot to do with not being the gender we were told! Jett was supposed to be a boy, so we wanted a friend so found Dart, then I thought I was wrong about him being a boy and that he was really a she and my husband really wanted to get Teddy(he loved the feel of his fur), but we thought Teddy was a girl, I figured since we had one boy we would just get Jett fixed, so off to the vet we went for health check ups and to schedule Jett to be neutered. The vet looked at our little group and basically chuckled and said they were actually exactly the opposite of what we thought...hahaha on my sexing skills! So she recommended just getting another female(which she made me promise to text a pic of his/her unmentionables for her to confirm) and then each would be paired and in separate cages. We searched and searched and finally found Kiki, a girl for sure ;) unfortunately introductions did not go well and it took some time to be able to get the girls together...thus the prego piggie. But all is pretty well now, girls are together and boys are together, divided in a CC cage with a wall of silence. Boys still have spats since they no longer have a woman to set them straight! ;) oh and we also have 2 dogs! Don't anyone fret, they are never alone with pig pigs! One dog, my husbands guide dog could really care less but the other dog is a German short haired pointer and really wants to make sure the pigs are "monitored" and thus has appointed himself in charge of this task ;) and a really dedicated taskmaster he is!

My 3 Sons
09-16-13, 07:15 pm
Thats a nice family, you guys probably have a great time together!
You guys probably have a lot of fun with Jett, Kiki, & Dart, Teddy.....
You sure have a nice assortment of pets....& welcome to the site!
Be sure to read the nutrition PDF that the site administrator made.
Best of luck with all your babies!....& post some pics..

09-16-13, 07:43 pm

09-16-13, 07:49 pm
Sorry about the sideways photos... Have no idea how to correct this, yet... The top photo is of the boys Teddy and Dart and the next one is of Kiki peeking out of her hideyhouse then Jett the pregnant one...
Does anyone know if since both boys had access to her, is it possible that we may have pups that resemble both boys? Assuming she has more than one that is...just curious what could transpire...

My 3 Sons
09-16-13, 08:28 pm
Its hard to say.....I like that little brown boy though.....
if they mate, make sure you give them plenty of room for the mom & babies...!