View Full Version : Curious about what my little guy is!

09-12-13, 09:41 pm
Hey everyone :) I just love my new boy, the shelter I rescued him from says he is an Abyssinian.... but he has very long hair on his rear end, and no rosettes...

09-12-13, 09:48 pm
Just like my Muffin Abyssinian and Peruvian mix


09-12-13, 09:49 pm
toooo cute :) aweh !

09-12-13, 09:56 pm
it;s been 5 month later since that pigture was taken it's even more like yours. Now she gets pee and poop stuck on the near you butt so we are going to have trim it.

09-12-13, 10:07 pm
Your baby is so cute! I agree, he's an abby mix! :D

09-18-13, 02:37 am
Oooh my ! :) Fez hasnt had anything stuck to him, his hair is VERY soft like a pb Peruvian I had when I was 3 (first guinea pig, Gigi) but rough at his face/neck area (like my Abby) but I use Carefresh/nestables/shaving mix (I find it works much better than fleece, and they are litter-trained to do their business in some litterboxes I have set out for them with that material mix) but I do have fleece lining in their cages, aswell as plenty of hide outs and ferret boxes :)
they are just my favourite little critters ! I couldnt imagine life without guinea pigs! my friends all make fun of me because I still keep them, but I don't mind! I'd rather get laughed at than be deprived of such companionship that they truly give !

09-18-13, 07:02 am
looks like an "abbruvian" (abby x peruvian) to me.

09-18-13, 07:33 am
He's adorable!