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09-12-13, 09:26 am

I am planning for a future piggie and was measuring the spot to put the (again, future) C&C cage.

The space I have allows me 3 by 1 and a half grids. I know the minimum size for one GP is 2 by 3 grids, but is this still sufficient? I was also thinking of making a small 1 by 1 and a half kitchen on one side. Here is an arial view:

Length: 1 grid, 1 grid, 1 grid
_____ ______ ______
| -----------------------|
| -----------------------|
| -----------------------| < Width both sides: .5 grid, 1 grid
| -----------------------|
|_____ ______ ______|

Length: .5 grid, 1 grid, 1 grid, .5 grid

I hope this all make sense!!!

The rectangle shape is NOT TO SCALE!!!!! PLEASE READ THE LENGTH AND WIDTH!!!!! You can also ignore the dotted lines in the middle.

Thanks to everyone!!!

~rsgymjam- hopefully rescuing a pig next year!

09-12-13, 09:33 am
Unfortunately no, it would be too small as the square footage would be drastically smaller (less than 5.7 sq ft inside measurements).
7.5 sq ft is the bare minimum, and most pigs will need a friend which often means more room to get along.

09-12-13, 12:03 pm
Would 2 by 3 grids be alright for one? Also If I added an upper kitchen would it be okay to have the smaller of the two? I plan to give my future pig a LOT of floor and lap time with the extra grids I will buy.

Or could I make it one and a half grids by 3 and a half grids. Its really all I have room for at the moment but I can definitely adjust later.

09-12-13, 12:16 pm
If you could put the loft/kitchen the long way that would give you a little more room (so the kitchen/loft would be 1x3)

Or you could do a double decker cage with a ramp so the whole top could be for food and the bottom for running. Bigger is always better, but it's still much bigger than a store bought cage. I would try to adopt a pig that doesn't get along with other pigs and needs to be an only pig :o)

09-12-13, 12:26 pm
Thank you so much! I was planning on eventually adopting a single pig from the animal shelter my mom and I volunteer at. There is a funny story that goes along with that one... I'll put it in a post called this:

The Story of Daisy Mae

XD Thank you again for your help!

09-12-13, 10:13 pm
Lofts don't count towards total sq. footage in small cages, and will remove even more of the much needed main level space because of the ramp.
You can't get away with anything less than a 2x3, and if you make it slightly narrower, it will need to be much longer. Making it narrower will also make it difficult for the pig to run laps. Is there any other area you could put an appropriately sized cage in?

09-13-13, 12:26 pm
If I put the ramp in the middle, left a bunch of toys out of the bottom and made a bigger loft for the hidey, kitchen, and litter area, would it be okay? Then the bottom would be almost completely open with a ramp in the middle. Would the piggie run laps under the loft?

When the pig first got home i would put an additional hidey in the bottom too, but when it started to get comfortable I would take it out. Would that be a little better?

I know anything bigger than a pet store cage is better, but I think I'll check what I have room for again.