View Full Version : Hello! S'more and Pop-Tart here!

09-09-13, 05:17 pm
Hello everyone my name is Rachael and my fiancÚ and I just adopted two GP's named S'more and Pop-Tart!

I have been lurking on the forum for quite a long time, ogling over your cages and pigs. I did a lot of research about caging, diets, vet care, etc. the whole nine yards! So we talked and talked and talked and talked, well you get the point. Then starting planning and played the waiting game. We finally were able to adopt two girl pigs!

They are currently living in a 2X3.5 C&C. I have a ton of grids left over because you know I had to have three boxes ;) so I will be expanding but I wanted to be able to catch them since they are still a little weary. We hold them everyday and they have hours of floor time, which they love!

We look forward to getting to know everyone and learning more about piggles!!

09-09-13, 06:39 pm
They are adorable!

09-10-13, 12:21 pm
welcome to finally making it official. that is one giant cage. lol cute piggies..

09-10-13, 05:54 pm
Thank you both so very much!!

09-10-13, 06:04 pm
Beautiful piggies!

09-10-13, 06:40 pm
Correction: You can never have too many grids :P
Why don't you just use your extra grids for supplies storage? That is what I would do but I don't have any to spare at the moment.

Those are some pampered piggies you got there! They are lucky to have you all!

09-11-13, 05:59 pm
Thank you all so much! They are starting to come around and are enjoying out time immensely! I love all the wheeking :)

ThePigSlave I totally would if I needed it, but I have a closet that I use pretty much just for our animal supplies. I am actually lucky that I have that extra little closet for all supplies. Haha, I have been told that I sometimes "over do it" but I'm pretty sure I'm not!

09-11-13, 06:46 pm
How big is the closet? Our local rescue has a HUGE closet and they use the grids to make shelves and cubbies. Just a thought!

09-11-13, 07:05 pm
It isn't big by any means, but it works for what we have. I have one of those storage boxes full of extra litter pans, water bottles, wheels (for the mice) and things of the like that is sitting on top of food storage containers. I would have to play with it a bit but they may help. I do use most of the ones that we have left over for their play area so I might have to get another box but it could help organize the closet a little better! Thanks for the great idea!

09-11-13, 07:27 pm
Wow huge cage! Some lucky (and cute!) piglets you have there, welcome to the forum!

09-12-13, 02:03 pm
Thank you Agrimony! Their cage is really only a 2X3.5 for now but they get at least 5 hours of floor time everyday, so that makes up for their "bed" as I like to call it.

Sabrina Clayton
09-16-13, 07:43 am
They are soooooo cute!! My boyfriend and I are first time piggy parents, too :)

09-16-13, 10:24 am
Awww, your girls are gorgeous! They are lucky to have you to pamper and spoil them! My boys have that same food dish too, lol. I have a huge crate full of pet supplies in our spare bedroom closet as well...I am addicted to pet supplies! I can't wait to see more of your girls around ^_^

09-16-13, 11:50 am
Welcome to the magical world of GPC! Your girls are absolutely gorgeous, and your cage looks great!

You're really gonna love it here, there are so many kind members here to help with any questions you have, and the photo contests are lots of fun. ;)

09-16-13, 03:27 pm
Thank you all so much!!! :)

They are rip tearing, popcorning away in their play area today. All I could hear were little feets and wheeks! Such silly little girls!!

09-16-13, 03:38 pm
Nice set-up for floor time! Wow! They are adorable and welcome to the forum. I love their names. :)