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09-08-13, 04:15 am
I decided to do things the hard way for my first pigs! im a sucker for the ones no one wants! I have adopted two young female guinea pigs a week ago. One 6 weeks old one 8 weeks old. They both had horrible mites all over them mainly their faces one of their faces was half bald. I went the the vet the day I found them and got them treate and a week later their fur is slowly but noticeably growing back so I'm pretty happy with that! Now I just have to address issues with them not seeming to be drinking? I'm loving my new little friends and I'm hoping they will live living here I can't wait until they love cuddles! All in all expensive new babies lol! :)

09-08-13, 07:29 am
Hi! I am so glad you rescued some pigs!! are they not drinking at all? Or just not a lot of water?

09-08-13, 08:00 am
Soak their vegetables in water and they'll get liquids that way. Is the bottle in a place where they can comfortably reach it?

09-08-13, 08:45 am
so happy that you did major work rescuing those piggies! its great for those who can afford it to take the extra step :D

are you sure they're not drinking? i've had my piggies for 7 months and they take 3-4 days to drink 250ml of water. Yet their poop is not overly dry and they seem perfectly healthy. On the other hand, my brother-in-law's piggy can drink a whole bottle by herself PER DAY.

i guess it really varies, but as Pinky said : sprinkle water on the veggies :D

09-08-13, 02:26 pm
Thanks for the replies! I have been making surer that there veggies are covered in water, from the water bottle it's always still full and the bowl I can't tell 100% but if they are drinking from it it isn't much? They have no problems eating and started eating from my hand yesterday so that's a big step forward in the trust department! They wee and poop a lot so I'm not sure if they are getting enough or not? I might just be paranoid, I just want them to be healthy and happy little pigs!

09-08-13, 03:20 pm
make a little mark with a pencil on the bottle or a piece of tape to see if they've been drinking ;)

Swiss cheese
09-08-13, 03:26 pm
Welcome to the forum! It's wonderful that you rescued those piggies!

09-08-13, 07:54 pm
That's a really good idea ill try that! :)