View Full Version : Vet Good vet in the Polk County area if Florida?

09-06-13, 08:41 pm
Not sure if this is a violation of forum rules but I need to find a competent vet for Poptart to check him out after today's vet ordeal. Anyone know of a cavy savy vet in Polk County Florida? Particularly near Lake Wales/ Winter Haven area?

Thank you for your help

09-06-13, 08:50 pm
I don't know of any vets in that area, but if you google "exotic veterinarian" "lake wales, fl" (with the quotes), you'll get a list of vets. Some will advertise themselves as exotic vets but not be, so you'll have to look at websites and see what training their vets have. Another idea is to look on Petfinder for guinea pig/rabbit/ferret/other rodent rescues in your area, and call and ask them who'd they'd recommend. Most good rescues work with a particular vet or vets, and they may have the best information for you.

Good luck, and keep us posted on what happens with Poptart.