View Full Version : C&C piggies don't seem to like their new c&c cage

09-05-13, 09:54 pm
Hi Everyone!
I am new to owning guinea pigs, so I apologize if this seems like a stupid question. How long does it normally take guinea pigs to get used to a new cage? I bought my 2 girls a 2x6 c&c cage expecting them to run around, popcorn, and explore all the new things I bought to go in it. We set it up today and they have been in their igloos ever since. Is this normal?

09-05-13, 10:00 pm
It's normal. It's probably overwhelming for them if they have never had so much space and its new to them give them time.

09-05-13, 10:02 pm
Do they have any other cage accessories like tunnels or fleece forests to hide in? Pigs often feel too exposed in large open spaces with nothing to hide under when the eagles come swooping down. ;) Add a fleece forest, a tunnel & drape a towel over a corner so they can go from one hidey to another quite easily, they'll get used to it.

09-05-13, 10:27 pm
Thank you for the help! Yes they have a fleece forest, 3 igloos, tunnels, and a hiding spot in the corner.

09-06-13, 02:18 am
give them time to explore around. pawesomepet is right about them being overwhelmed :)

some who have had this problem put the old cage inside the C&C so they get used to it,others leave them be to get used to it. spread around the hideys and veggies and they should explore eventually ! :D

09-06-13, 04:19 am
How long have you had your guinea pigs and are they usually outgoing and friendly?

09-06-13, 07:04 am
Mine took about week to get used to her cage, now she is out all the time and hopping around like crazy. My cage is next to my couch so when I sit on the couch with my laptop she comes and talks to me.