View Full Version : I found a use for that tiny pet store cage!

09-05-13, 08:59 pm

I felt guilty that the pet store cage we got when we got Carlton was going to waste in the spare room so I attached it as a kitchen!
It's a bit messy, but the care fresh is contained in a storage tote that I found. Should make cleaning easier.

The ramps are kind if makeshift - one is the "door" of the Midwest cage covered with a Tupperware lid and fleece, the other side is their fiddle sticks.

You can't see the other hay rack and water bottle and I hadn't put all their toys back when I took the picture. Oh and that cord is taped to the wall and they cannot reach it.

Pumpkin was afraid of the ramp, so Carlton showed him how to use it. It was so cute, I wish I had recorded it.

I just wanted to show off. :)

09-05-13, 09:01 pm
Very nice!!

09-05-13, 09:11 pm
I'm going to have to think about doing that with my piggies' cage! Very clever!

09-10-13, 10:52 pm
Very cool idea! I might steel your idea. We too have a petstore cage spring around collecting dust bunnies lol

09-10-13, 11:01 pm
I like ur fleece :)

09-17-13, 08:31 am
Cute setup! I think I'm going to do the same with my little pet store cage when I get my new MW cage, lol