View Full Version : Hello! Grandfather of two cavies here!

09-05-13, 07:03 pm
Hi! My name is Jay and my daughter got her first pet the X-Mas before last which was a female cavie named Cozy. I built a C&C Cage a few months back that was just a single level and we kept using the shredded bedding. This week, we added another cavie to the family (yes, I know, long overdue) to the family by getting a female which was named McKenzie.

I also have a boxer named Shyloh. My daughter who is the mother of our two cavies is named Rylie who is 11 and I have another daughter named Harper who is 5. I am a single father of two girls and we live in Kansas City, MO. I am a big animal lover and worked at Petco during my high school years and have actually had a lifelong dream of owning a pet store but not sure if that will ever happen. Maybe during retirement.

Anyway, I am joining the forum to learn more about caring for our cavies and also share the knowledge I have picked up. I just finished a few minutes ago adding a second level to the cage, building a new floor out of a linoleum remnant and using fleece instead of the shredded bedding which I am very much looking forward to going forward.

09-05-13, 07:12 pm
Welcome to the forum! It really is the best place to get some good guinea pig knowledge!

09-05-13, 07:28 pm
Check out my YouTube channel, MaddyandMarah. I'm new to YouTube and have lots of video ideas! This is a great website to learn.. Thought u am having an issue.. Can't seem to find how to post another thread, idk how I forgot and I can't seem to figure it out

09-05-13, 08:29 pm
Hi Jay, I guess I am the grandmother of our piggies but I never thought about it that way I feel much too young to be a grandmother! Good to hear you are so hands on and helpful with the cage and everything. Lucky daughters you have.

09-05-13, 08:35 pm
You need to post pigtures of your grand pigs!