View Full Version : Hi, Poptart here :)

09-04-13, 06:35 pm
We just adopted a 3yr old piggy named Poptart. He is the sweetest boy and so calm, he is so good with my 5 yr old niece who loves so much.

Poppy as we call him, loves his veggies, hay and we ordered him better pellets, he was on crappy Kaytee stuff. He also came with a very small cage :( But we are ordering him a C&C cage this week. He will be a very spoiled boy!

Happy to be here and learn more about his care and keeping him healthy and happy. He was neglected in his previous home so we have lots to make up for!

Here is our handsome boy, who is the calmest piggy I have ever met! Nothing startles him and he just loves to be held

09-04-13, 07:03 pm
He is adorable.

09-04-13, 07:05 pm
Hi, love the 2 shades of brown on Poppys face. Your niece sure looks happy with him.

09-04-13, 07:53 pm
They're both adorable! Congrats Poppy on finding a new home! He looks happy and obviously loved!

09-04-13, 08:53 pm
Adorable! He looks very well loved. He's a lucky boy.