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09-03-13, 07:08 pm
Hi Folks..

Thought I should introduce myself and my new piglets. First i'd like to get the bad part out the way. I bought my two boys from the local pet store... please don't look too disappointed. It was a real learning curve. We went to the store to buy supplies to build a decent cat scratching post. I fell in love with Milo and Oscar (never name animals you don't own by the way, it is hard to say goodbye). There were lots kids and their harassed parents. I overheard lots of stuff that made me despair for the future of all the animals there. Things like "well it's your responsibility to look after it" and "i'm sure they'll manage in the small cage. We don't have room for the large cage" etc
After watching parent let their kids bang on all the cages to make the poor things move, i decided i had to take Milo out of that place and chose Oscar as his buddy (Oscar seemed to very interested in me, so he seemed a good choice). Now i'm fully aware the dangers of being so impulsive, but I already spend many hours a week obsessively reading about the care of various animals. I have done for the last 20 years so I know what i'm getting myself into and have lots of hands on experience with cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters.
Since discovering this site and understanding the needs of many rescue pigs out there I feel that should have been my first point of call. However I am dedicated to my pigs and put their needs first. It's a commitment I am happy to have.

Anyway enough waffle.. I do kinda waffle, i know. Here is Milo and Oscar...

Hope to get to know some of you and your piggies.

09-03-13, 07:34 pm
Hi welcome :) you could always rescue 2 more hehe that's what I did and I must say having 4 is a blast.

09-03-13, 07:40 pm
Haha... I would love to! but i'm not sure if it's too late now that i've had them for around 5 weeks. Also I heard that it's best to keep boars in pairs and not in groups? not sure if that's the case. It's certainly something I will be looking into in the future. I hate to think there are animals needing homes.

09-03-13, 09:01 pm
Welcome to the forum!:D You're boys are too adorable for words!! And I just might set that photo as my desktop! lol I love abyruvians/peruvians!!! :love::love::love:

09-04-13, 04:51 am
Ah thank you! they are incredibly cute. i'll let them know they are now famous! lolI don't actually know what they are going to be. Milo's hair was all spikey when we got him, as you can see but now it has started to get longer. I thought he was a mix of abyssinian/peruvian, but his fur is so silky soft. Oscar looks like a Texel. His fur has also grown much longer in the last month. This photo was the during the first week that I got them, so i'll upload a new photo of them soon.:)
Thanks for the welcome!

09-04-13, 07:28 am
Wow, those are extremely cute pigs!

Welcome to the forum.

09-04-13, 10:41 am
Oscar looks like a Texel. His fur has also grown much longer in the last month.

Good thing you live in the UK! I would most definitely pignap those two! I'm pretty good at resisting an impulse buy in pet stores, but I don't know if I could have resisted those two. My S/O has warned me that if another cavy comes home with me, then I move out.

Most Texel's have really curly hair, especially on their belly. The quality of belly curls is one of the judging criteria. A real indicator is that they will have curly whiskers as well. Texels often have a rather flat face, sort of like a Siamese cat.

I never miss an opportunity to show off my purebreed Texel. Meet the "Diva".......little Miss Maya:



09-04-13, 11:43 am
Wow!! so cute. Yeah Oscar has very curly whiskers and the fur on his back has corkscrews. He has short hair on his belly though, which is good as he stays clean. Milo on the other hand is going to have to be trimmed as the hair is constantly getting caught in his unmentionables.
Do you regularly groom your Texel spy9doc? It's not something Oscar is happy about, but it does seem to tangle somewhat.

09-04-13, 02:35 pm
spy9doc - little Miss Maya is beautiful! Looks like she's had a perm! Does she need a lot of grooming to look so fab? You'd almost need an afro pick to get through those curls.

09-04-13, 02:47 pm
I have a merino girl...she's adorable. But I brush her hair out so it's not curly..just a bit wavvy..as I love the feel. Her belly is so cute!

09-04-13, 04:46 pm
Apologies, Purple Monkey........didn't mean to hijack your thread.

The pics I posted are of Maya in full show coat........that's how I acquired her. There's no need for all that hair, so I keep it cut quite short. I miss the "oohs and ahhs" when people see her (which doesn't happen often), but it requires absolutely no maintenance other than her haircut. She has the cutest short belly curls which I don't barber. (I love piggy belly) She didn't shed even when her hair was long........in contrast to my shedding Aby whom I can brush, and 30 mins later he will leave hair all over my black shirt and slacks.

I tried using scissors and that proved impossible. Maya bucked and spun around just like a rodeo bronco. >( At risk of scaring her to death, I purchased a grooming set with both large and small clippers and have gradually cut shorter over time. We started with a #8 guard and last week I used a #1. I use the small clippers with no guard to clip around her genitals and inside back legs. If I don't do that, she has a perpetually dirty bum. In fact, I also cut Chester's hair (the Aby) as well, especially around his genitals and back legs.

About every 2-3 weeks, we have grooming day where I do nails, clean ears, clean and inspect genitals and give them a bath in the summer when needed. In the winter, it's more often just a foot and butt bath. Maya is truly a little Diva and will cry as though she's being tortured when being groomed. She's a "Daddy's girl" so I have to groom her when my husband isn't home. He can't stand to hear those pitiful cries. :crazy:

09-04-13, 05:01 pm
Wow! Those guys are super cute!! No wonder they were getting so much attention at the store.

09-04-13, 05:33 pm
Thanks for the advice. Oscar's hair is getting very long. I've tried brushing and combing it, but he squeaks like he's in pain, so I had to stop. The area behind his head through to the centre of his back doesn't seem to bother him much now it's all combed through, but there is no going near the rosettes towards his rear. Maybe a haircut is the best option.
I'm want them to be relaxed and happy in my company, but i feel i should also get them used to being groomed and inspected early on, as it'll be worse to start it later on. I just hope they don't dread the time we spend together. They are only just getting used to being held. It's hard to know which way to go really.

Any thoughts are most welcome. I'll try to upload some photos to show how much the length of fur has changed on both of them. Milo is starting to look like a walking carpet! :)

09-04-13, 05:40 pm
Oh my they are soooo cute!!! Welcome to the forum!