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09-02-13, 11:07 am
Hi all,

I'm Shelbz, I live in the UK and I've had my two male guinea piggies, Bert and Ernie, for two months now (meaning they are both anything from 14-16 weeks old). I thought Bert was a short-hair but his hair is now around 6cms in some places, so I have literally no idea what he is. Ernie is a ginger Abyssinian but his hair is pretty long too so I suspect they're both cross-breeds.

My boyfriend got me the guinea pigs as a birthday surprise. Just for the record for any hopefuls out there, THIS WAS A TERRIBLE IDEA. Thank the Lord I have half a head on my shoulders and a dedication to commit to the little cuties. I would never take them back, but I would certainly have been more prepared if they weren't dropped on my lap spontaneously the day before I turned 21.

They're both pet shop purchases. Obviously the second I got the pair I went into research overdrive and I would never willingly purchase from a pet shop. They were luckily both healthy, although I suspect Ernie is currently developing a URI (slight crust, and I mean SLIGHT, on his eyes, and sneezing occasionally) so that's an unexpected vet trip in the making. D:

They currently live in a 2 x 4 CC with a 2 x 1 loft area, in my university flat (landlord approved- boy, was that one hell of a fight). I'm extraordinarily nervous about doing something that would hurt them/stress them out- my hands shake when I brush them, for Christ's sake!

I'm joining this forum in the hopes that you guys can give me a little more courage, as at the moment I feel like everything I do is wrong. I feed them well, give them veggies, groom them well.. but the guinea pig skittishness is a new concept to me, as I've never had rodent animals before. I hate to sound childish but sometimes I feel like they don't like me and the thought of that is devastating!

I look forward to speaking to y'all. ^_^

09-02-13, 11:27 am
Welcome to the forum! I'm also from the UK. :-)
It will take time for your boys to settle in - it is recommended to hand feed and talk to your pigs to bond more. Also, don't worry too much about them, I was like that at first as well! If you ever have a question or need help, don't hesitate to ask. :-)
I hope Ernie gets better soon! My Squeak has a UTI at the moment.
Again, welcome!

09-02-13, 01:18 pm
Welcome to the forum.
It is a great resource especially if you are new to guinea pigs.
Good idea to take him to the vet as soon as possible.
As you have probably read already, pigs health can decline quickly when battling an untreated URI.

Hope he is ok soon.

09-02-13, 02:37 pm
I got some on friday. And I'm alreayd snuggling and cuddly my little boys. Don't be scared and when holding them your fine as long as you dont squeeze them
(I'm much younger then you)

09-04-13, 02:11 am
Hey guys, turns out the URI was a false alarm. The only medical condition apparent was paranoia- and that was coming from the pet owner. xD

Thanks for the warm welcome, I look forward to seeing y'all across the site!

Sabrina Clayton
09-16-13, 07:51 am
Don't worry, I'm a nervous mommy too! You'll find everything you need to know here, and there are lots of knowledgeable people to help with any questions you may have. Like people have said, the skittish thing is completely normal. We've had our older pig for about 6 months now and he still runs. Sometimes he'll let us reach in nice and slow and pet him a bit, and other times he acts like he's about to be eaten by us! Just the other day when we tried to round him up after floortime, he was soooooo scared, knowing he was trapped and would meet my boyfriend one way, or me the other way. Then as soon as my boyfriend was able to nab him and hold him to his chest, he (Lemmiwinks) started squeaking happily and snuggling up to my boyfriend's neck, knowing it was a safe place. As for our younger pig, we've had him for about 4 months and he's a trip to try and get! He hides almost 24/7 but then when we pick him up, he snuggles and even sleeps on us :) It takes time and patience! And it is soooooo worth it! They're SUCH an underrated pet :)