View Full Version : Hello from a new piggy owner!

09-01-13, 09:46 pm
Hi everybody. My name is Rebecca and I'm a new piggy owner. I just brought my little calico colored boy Caramel home today. He is a little shy about being caught but otherwise warming up to me nicely. I actually just put him to bed from cuddle time where he was curled in the crook of my arm while I watched tv. The thing was that he kept trying to eat my necklace like a little rascal. He seems to be very quiet and is very content to cuddle with me. I look forward to making new friends here who are also piggy owners!

09-01-13, 09:49 pm
Welcome! :) your piggy sounds cute I bet he is gonna warm up to your real soon I hope you enjoy this forum! :)

09-01-13, 10:14 pm
Hello nice little piggy you have there he sounds so sweet.

09-02-13, 08:45 am
Yes I think he will. I gave him a carrot last night and while he didn't take it from me he did eat it. Then he stuck his nose out of his cage to be petted. Those are signs of progress and I know that as long as I am patient and don't rush the process, soon my liitle man will be squeaking at me to be picked up as soon as he sees me. :)

09-02-13, 08:58 am
He sounds sweet!!! Please post pigtures!!:)

09-02-13, 09:09 am
I will post a pigture later when I am on my computer. My phone won't let me select a picture.

09-02-13, 01:29 pm
Pigtures are a must! He sounds just like my Niko when I first got him! He would curl up on my neck and chew my hair! LOL! Then pee on me, but it's worth it. Niko is a tortoiseshell (or calico, something like that lol!)and I find them absolutely adorable!