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08-31-13, 08:16 pm
Hi everybody! I'm new here, but not quite new to the world of piggies. I've had pigs for the past ten years now, but currently don't have any because my baby Delilah passed this summer :( But, good news! I've just built a c&c cage perfect for two piggies, and am planning on getting two girls sometime within the next week. I can't wait to get started on here, I always used to look at the pictures of cages on the website and I finally got around to joining the community! I hope to get to know some of you, and learn about your cute sweet piggies! lol

08-31-13, 08:25 pm
Welcome to the site!!!

So sorry to hear about your baby Delilah. But it sounds like the two new piggies will be super lucky! Where are you thinking of getting them? I hope you enjoy the forum!

08-31-13, 08:38 pm
Thank you!
And there are a few piggies available for adoption in my area, and also a family friend is looking for another home for his pig because he can't take care of her anymore. So that's what I'm looking into!

08-31-13, 08:44 pm
It's so great that you are looking into adoption instead of buying!! Good luck finding the right pig/s!

So have you had any pigs other than Delilah?

08-31-13, 08:47 pm
Yes I have, I had one other girl named Chloe for 7 1/2 years, and a boy Henry before that who only lived 2 weeks. Poor thing was very sick. All three of my past piggies were from a pet store, but now that I know you can adopt pigs I'm really all for it!

09-01-13, 12:22 am
Welcome! Glad you are looking to adopt! And glad you've built a C&C for them! I have a boy named Henry as well! I'm sorry about your loss, it really can be hard but hopefully finding a new companion can help ease the pain of the loss! Again, welcome!

09-01-13, 05:27 am
Thank you so much! I'm so excited to bring my new babies home. Once I get them I will definitely post pictures of them in their cage! :)

09-01-13, 05:45 am
Welcome! I joined yesterday. I got my piggies on friday. Coco and Marshmellow (both boys) Guess we are both newbies. Well I am on this site and with the piggies.... but you seem an expert

09-01-13, 07:40 am
Welcome to you too! And congratulations on the piggies! :)

09-01-13, 12:45 pm
Welcome! Its great to have you as a member of this site!
and yes, please most certainly post pictures of Your new piggy babies once you get them! :)

09-01-13, 01:00 pm
Thank you! :)