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08-30-13, 09:00 pm
Hi everyone, im a piggy owner from down under Australia :) I am 34 years old and live with my partner, our 2 children, 2 dogs and 4 piggies. I also have 2 step daughters who stay with us on the weekends.

Basically 6 months ago my step daughters were given a guniea pig each by their mother. They were their first real pets and were a big hit in the beginning. However their mother decided to give them away because the girls were not looking after them properly and she didn't want to have to clean up after them all the time. The girls were quite upset about that and begged their daddy and me to take them so we did. I have owned rats before so kind of felt confident taking them on. And the girls would still be able to see them and play with them on the weekends.

That is how Milly and Molly joined our family. I was told that they came from a rescue and Milly is about a year old and Molly is about 2. Of course my daughter didnt think it was very fair that there were only 2 pigs so we told her for her birthday we would get one more which would be hers. Well we found an ad online from someone giving away free guniea pigs (unplanned litter) so we all went together to have a look. I think that was a mistake because instead of bringing home 1 baby we got 2. There were 2 girls and 3 boys so we took the sisters as we didn't feel like we could pick one over the other. That is how Shadey and Shaddow joined our family.

I must admit that we just put them all togeter right away it wasnt until later that I found this forum and read about quarentine and introductions. We are just lucky that they all got along right away. Molly is our dominant sow and she established that by a bit of chasing the babies and hogging the food. But the babies love her and our little herd are all very friendly towards eachother. Shadey is my avatar pic, secretly she is my favorite. She is very curious about everything and the first to come out for veggies.

Anyway I think having guniea pigs as pets is almost addictive becsuse we have talked about getting 1 or 2 more. We are just keeping an eye on the ads and if we can rescue any more we will seeing as we have plenty of space. Thanks for reading and I look forward to getting to know you all more and chat about our piggies :)

08-30-13, 09:02 pm
Welcome!! Cute pig!

08-30-13, 09:06 pm
Hello and welcome! We're happy to have you and your pigs here! :) Guinea pigs definetly can be addictive; that's how I ended up with 7 of them. They're like potato chips; you can't have just 1 lol

Nice to meet you and hope to see you around!

08-30-13, 09:10 pm
Thanks... she doesnt look like that anymore that was a pic from the online ad when she was just born I think. Now she has scruffy long hair. I need to take some pics of all of them... just need to find a spare 10 minutes haha.

09-17-13, 02:13 am
Finally got some snaps of our girls... in order it goes Milly my shy girl, Molly the dominant, Shaddow my sooky girl and Shadey my curious adventurer :)

09-17-13, 04:51 am
Welcome to the forum! They're adorable, and it was very sweet of you to keep the piggies after your step-children's mother decided to give them up. I agree that they're addictive little critters- I'm already debating about adopting another boar, but common sense, finances and lack of space are sadly rooting me to the ground. :P

09-17-13, 06:13 am
Welcome to the forum! Its nice to have another Australian! :D

Adorable piggies by the way! <3

09-17-13, 06:31 am
Welcome! Very cute girls you've got, it's amazing how quickly they take over your heart!