View Full Version : Where to buy a C&C Rabbit Cage?

Emily F.
08-29-05, 05:36 pm
I have a bunny, Molly, and she's in a small pet store cage now, I would like to *buy* her a HUGE, I mean HUGE C&C Rabbit cage, I don't really care about how much it will cost, I wasnt the best cage for my bunny. Is there anyone who is willing to make me one, or does anyone know of a place to buy them? Ebay dosent have any.



08-29-05, 06:58 pm
http://cgi.ebay.com/3-Story-Guinea-Pig-Rabbit-Ferret-Cage-NEW-29x58x43_W0QQitemZ7708562498QQcategoryZ63513QQrdZ1 QQcmdZViewItem

this was the biggest I could find

08-30-05, 02:24 am
Wow that is an exorbitant price for a C&C cage. I know you want to buy a cage, but have you put any thought into making your own? If you've made a C&C cage for a guinea pig, it wouldn't be difficult to make one for a rabbit.

Emily F.
08-30-05, 05:15 am
Thanks alot amfieder. You're very helpful. :-)

08-30-05, 08:48 am
For that price you might as well buy this kind www.leithpetwerks.com (http://www.leithpetwerks.com) if you decide not to build one. I have a 48 long 2 story one for my rabbit. I made c&cs for my foster buns but went all out for my personal one. Justa thought