View Full Version : Introducing my piggies

08-29-05, 05:26 pm
I've been using this website for a while and haven't introduced my piggies yet.
These are my girls:
Jane (Janey Marie)
and Spaz (spazzie wazzie)
And these are my boys:
Tarzan (Tartar James)
And Trixie (Trixter Martin)

One day I was bored and decided to give them all middle names :heart:

08-29-05, 05:40 pm
My guys have their basic names and then they also have their "extendd" names - basic names are: Mookie, Moose and Miracle
. . . . . and then there's:
- Mookie Nee Nee Bear (he looks like a bear)
- Little Jimmy Miracle ( he's a little guy with a big nose like Jimmy Durante)
- The Moose ( he has a Moose-like personality: stoic, solid, steady)

08-29-05, 05:47 pm
You've got some pretty cute piggies!! I have three gps in my possession-Angel (aka Fat Girl which my kids hate), Snowball (aka Mama) and Snickers (aka Snickerdoodle). VJ has one on my gps who was Babette or Baby as we've decided to nickname her. Mamything has gp#5 who was Angie but we've renamed her Princess (aka Princess Susie after my mother's middle name cause she doesn't have any grandkids named after her. she now has a grandpiggie named after her.) Number six is named Callie and I'm not sure what her extended name will be until she gets here. :)

08-29-05, 05:53 pm
Yeah - you can't rush extended names - they just happen - oops - Moose is actually spelled Mousse (as in chocolate Mousse).