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08-27-13, 04:32 pm
I made a mistake and bought grids that are 5 squares long and 5 squares wide and I found out that those types of grids are dangerous. I cannot return them and I though that if I cover the grids with coroplast to prevent my guinea pig getting his head stuck. Is this a safe idea? Could my guinea pig still somehow squeeze though the coroplast and get to the grids? I also thought of securely covering each grid with a cloth/blanket. Please respond! Sorry if you don't get what I am trying to say as I will take pictures if anyone asks.

08-27-13, 04:35 pm
5 squares? Are you sure it's only 5? The ones that are commonly sold are either 8 squares (unsafe) and 9 squares (safe).

08-27-13, 04:43 pm
Target grids have 5 space across and 8 space across grids in their sets. If you plan a loft, use the 5 space ones for the bottom of the loft. If you build a cage with a stand, use the larger spaced ones for the bottom and to make the stand. If the rest of your grids are 8 space across ones, those aren't safe, either. You need the 9 space across ones for the sides. I wouldn't make taller coroplast to compensate for the wrong grids.

08-27-13, 04:47 pm
Grids that are less than 9 squares are deemed to be unsafe only in areas that your cavies might come in direct contact with.

If your grids are in fact only 5 squares, then there are other things you can do with them. (1) use them for the bottom of the cage, (2) make a covered cage and use them for the top, (3) or make other things with them like a grid tunnel covered with a jumbo book cover or a hay rack, or as a grid stand.

You can also overlap them so as to render the squares half their size. Don't despair........just be creative!

08-27-13, 04:47 pm
Thank you all. I will use them for something else