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08-29-05, 04:20 pm
I am almost positive that Lilly is pregnant. She has gained about a pound in the past 13 days and her belly feels bigger. I haven’t felt movement yet though. I am still contemplating on whether I should take her to the vet. If I had no parents I would take her to the vet in a hart beat, just to make sure she is pregnant and every thing is ok. But my parents think its not really necessary since she is not sick.

09-16-05, 02:22 pm
Update: Lilly gave birth to one baby rabbit this morning. I am worried since she only had one. I called the vet and they said if she stops eating/is acting abnormal to bring her in. I have seen her eat and she seems to be acting normal. I got a quick peek at the baby. It is bigger than I expected. When can I handle the baby to check on it? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

09-16-05, 03:32 pm
I have no idea but congradulations on the baby! You must be soo happy! Girl or Boy?

09-16-05, 07:43 pm
I found another! I was looking at her nest and she has two babies. One looks like it’s going to be all black (like its mama) the other looks like it is going to be a broken (like its papa). I have not handled them...not sure if I should or not so I don’t know if they are boys or girls. Oh and if anyone wanted to know this was an accidental litter. I did not want to breed her.

09-16-05, 08:11 pm
That's sooo cute! Congradulations again.

09-17-05, 10:04 am
You can handle them anytime, but I would wash your hands first. As the babies grow, you should handle them more frequently so they become used to humans.

09-17-05, 10:18 am
Congratulations! Post some pictures once they get settled, I can't wait to see them!

09-24-05, 11:05 pm
Moxie that is sort of creapy because my freind had a rabbit named Lilly that died from pregnency. But congratulations!!