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Ms Piggy
08-25-13, 12:17 pm

My son is a new owner of guinea pigs ---

I found a box of g-pigs abandoned at a farm. (Actually, their dog found the box - very unfortunate for 3 of them). I brought the other 3 home since I had a spare cage. My son was holding one g-pig and thought she was sick --- yes, a female. We went shopping for a spare cage for her and separated her from the two males. One week later she gave birth to a single baby (male).

For small animals we own rabbits and rats so we are a familiar with small animals and have NO interest in breeding them. However, we've never had a guinea pig - I researched on line and found that I needed to separate the baby male from his mother at 28 days. I separated the two (yes, another new cage - did not want to put the baby in with the 2 larger males.) My problem is that I recently read somewhere that I should have separated the mother and baby male at 21 days. If the mother is pregnant the due date will be approx the middle of Sept.

Ms. Piggy's belly is round but I have no idea as to her age and how many litters she has had. Is there anyway to tell for certain if she is pregnant? Is it even possible for the male baby to impregnate the mother before 28 days?

Any information will be appreciated.

Thank you.:)

08-25-13, 12:35 pm
There isn't much way to tell for sure until you can feel babies move or hear their teeth chattering. Are you weighing your pigs? It is suggested to get a kitchen scale that weighs in grams, to record weights weekly. A HUGE weight gain that is consistent for weeks would signal possible pregnancy as well. The babies should be separated from Mom (the males) at 3 weeks, so it is possible that Momma may be pregnant again. I wouldn't worry too much until you know for sure, but back to back pregnancies in guinea pigs are quite dangerous. www.guinealynx.com (http://www.guinealynx.com) has EXCELLENT information regarding guinea pigs and their health, all aspects of it. I would read through that sites information for more. Also try www.cavyspirit.com , as they also have great information. Good luck and welcome!

08-25-13, 03:27 pm
Welcome! wow, I am glad you saved those pigs! I can't really offer much advice besides to give them all lots of veggies, especcially high vitamin C veggies, like Bell peppers. I am guessing they were deprived of pretty much all food, and will need more vitamin C than normal.