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Alyssa Wills
08-23-13, 05:38 pm
Many of you already know me and my piggy under the shed (from my panic forum on how to get him out!!)
I'm a new piggy owner and I have a piggy named Mocha! He's a 2 month old baby 'Champion' piggy that lived under the shed in my back yard for 8 whole days! I finally got him out Thursday August 22nd.
I rescued my piggy, Although he was at a pet store, if i didn't get him, the poor baby would be eaten by snakes! (He was brought back twice already!) I feel bad for having gotten him from a pet store but i couldn't bare to see the cute baby become food! So yes i purchased him. Next i'll be adopting 2 from our local shelter (I'll be getting $110 from my dad to spend on them)

Anyways, So I currently have mocha in a large fish tank tipped on it's side (it's 1.5ft by 5ft. and i'll be getting cubes to make a C&C when i get my new piggies) He stays in it for about 10 hours (Mostly at night) the rest of the time he runs around my house. Although he much rather curl up in pillows and blankets~
He loves when he's on my bed and he snuggles his way into my blankets purring as he does~
He loves giving me kisses as well. It's so cute when guinea pigs give kisses! I'm glad he doesn't bite me. He was actually brought back because he bit people. He doesn't like old people i suppose because he bites everyone over the age of 50 that puts their fingers near his mouth. Granted, you shouldn't stick your finger's in an animals face anyways...

So that is pretty much Mocha!
Here are some pictures!

Swiss cheese
08-23-13, 05:46 pm
He is absolutely adorable! I'm sure he'll be very happy getting two buddies and a big cage. Keep informing yourself, like you're already doing, and you'll be a great piggie-mommy.

Ahmose Inarus
08-23-13, 07:31 pm
So happy you got Mocha back safe and sound! Those blankets certainly look comfy to me! I'm sure my boys would love that!!!

08-23-13, 08:17 pm
He is absolutely adorable, and your beautiful kitty reminds me of my old cat..........right down to the white tipped feet. Both cuties!

Alyssa Wills
08-23-13, 08:55 pm
@natsmom26 (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/member.php?u=28487) thank you so much my kitten is named Booger (Kobe but i don't think it suits him) he's a hunter, being a farm born cat and such lol my other cat knows better then to chase my piggy but there shall be lots of pictures with Booger and my piggies because he wont leave them alone!

Updates for 8/23/2013
Woke up, put mocha on the bed...he peed... ugh lol.... cleaned that up and he snuggled into some blankets while that happened. We had a busy day in the kitchen mostly he just ran on the kitchen table in between all the jars of mayo and pickles. Had no accidents the rest of the morning and afternoon. We went for a car ride up north and he got to go into a supermarket with my mom and I, got to try his first rose petal... surprisingly didn't seem to like it! Somehow managed to rip off a petal from the black eyed Susans... Tried to sneak a cheese puff! He got some nice Romanian lettuce when he got home. and chilled next to the jars of mayo again while eating, while mommy (me) made cupcakes for tomorrow (not for him for the people) and peed on his 'nappy' (a bit of fabric i set him on for him to use the bathroom), praised for going on nappy and not on the table. After the long day i wiped him down with a warm damp cloth (He peed a bit on himself..) and wiped the table down and off to bed with us both now!

Training Progress - Nappy is starting to work! (He's not often in his cage so a nappy is good for him to use till i find a shallow little box/tray of him)
Health - Healthy, needs to eat more hay (Didn't eat unless i put the hay in his face and held it)
Grooming - Daily wipe before bed to keep his fur soft, no brushing since he was wiped and dead fur came off while wiping
Food Intake - lots of lettuce, a few nibbles of rose petal ---- Over Night Food - Cucumber slices and Carrot slivers and fresh hay

08-23-13, 09:25 pm
He's a cutie. Be careful with him on tables and beds. They don't have good depth perception because their eyes are on the sides of their heads, and they can very easily walk off the edge of something and be hurt in a fall.

Alyssa Wills
08-24-13, 08:52 am
Don't worry i keep and eye on him and build little fences with things around the area to keep him from falling

I got some new photos!
Most of these pictures were taken this morning while my piggy was eating his breakfast, some yummy bell peppers and lettuce, now he's napping in his cage.
He's already been having a busy morning and it's not even 11am! he's gotten a bath and a nice car ride. What the rest of my piggies day will bring we have yet to know!

08-24-13, 10:38 am
Adorable! So glad you managed to get him out in the end. 8 days under a shed is pretty impressive for a helpless little piggie :D
Tanks aren't good for guinea pigs so make sure you build his C&C cage as soon as possible. I would clean it out very regularly as they do pee a lot and that can lead to health issues when kept in a tank.
It's great to hear you are adopting two guinea pigs! I know, it is really hard to see a guinea pig in a pet store and walk away - but in the future remember that it is best to do this as you won't be putting your money into the awful breeding cycle of pet stores.

Alyssa Wills
08-24-13, 11:31 am
Well as you read, i got him because he was brought back twice and they were going to feed him to snakes and it's rescuing him from a life short lived in my mind... i'm really not impressed with how the breeders use the piggies that don't sell.... And how can a breeder try and sell piggies at pet stores, I couldn't bare it... i promise though i wont ever buy again, but i am glad i found him, he really is the most lovable baby boy and very mellow which i love. My friend had a piggy that was up all night scurrying around.

Alyssa Wills
08-25-13, 05:31 am
Updates for 8/24/2013
Spent all day on the couch eating and watching TV with mommy (me) had a car ride to aunty Shanelle's house. Was very calm and sleepy curled up in the warm cushions of the couch

Training Progress - None made
Health - Healthy
Grooming - 1 bath in the morning after and accident on the kitchen table.
Food Intake - Lots of red bell peppers, Romanian lettuce, and a broccoli husk?