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08-29-05, 10:26 am
I am getting a rabbit soon ("June") :D and I have never had one before. :confused: I would like to litter train her but have no idea how. are they like cats and pretty much do it on there own? or what do I have to do?

also she is from a farm and will be about 10lbs more/less when she is full grown will this make a differece in how she trains? and if so what can I do about it?

thanks in advance ----tink----

08-29-05, 01:25 pm
Ok well spaying and neutering helps with litter training first off. With that being said here is what I do..... line the cage for the 1st few days with newspaper. Pay attention to which corner she/her preferts to pee in. Get a nice size litter box ( I have a med size one for cats) make sure the sides arent too high for the bun to jump in and out of. Fill the litter pan ( I use aspen bedding in mine, you may have to try a few before the rabbit likes one to use, dont give up) place the litter pan in the corner where the bun choses to pee. If the bun doesnt pee in the litter pan but still on the paper, tear off a bit that is peed on and place it in the litter pan. This will give a hint to the bunny that there is where its supposed to pee. Pick up stray poop and place it in the box as well. Keep up on doing this daily and soon the bun will get the idea. Some learn faster then others. My bun picked it up in a week, I have had some fosters take a few months. Babies are harder to train than adults. Stay with it. Hope this helps.

08-29-05, 04:21 pm
wow thanks! i thought that it would be easyer to train a baby then an adult- interesting! thanks I'm going to print that off

08-29-05, 04:27 pm
I would like to add that I got the corner litter tray for Bunny. I put Woody Pet and some timothy hay in it. I started with newspaper on the entire bottom of the cage and the put the litter tray in the spot she peed in the most. I have had her out every night and she hasn't peed or pooped on the floor. She still poops everywhere in her cage but for the peeing part its strictly in the litter box.

08-29-05, 04:36 pm
yeah thanks. I have a corner pan for my gps. do you have on of the largest ones? are you support to put some hay in the pan with them because I thought that if you did that then they would think that the litter box was a place to get food not to do their business?

08-30-05, 06:53 am
I loved the corner trays but my guy wouldnt use one, its trail and error just dont give up. Bunz as a general rule like to eat and potty at the same time. You can hang a hay rack near or above the litter pan to encourage the bunny to potty where you want. Best of luck!

08-30-05, 08:22 am
good idea about hanging a hay rack near the potty- I'll do that too. wow the things you learn for this site! thanks again