View Full Version : Is it OK for him to eat grass out of my yard?

08-23-13, 06:27 am
Is it safe for my rabbit to eat the grass in my yard?

08-23-13, 08:14 am
As long as it has not been sprayed for bugs recently and it is an area where other animals do not go potty. I would also limit him on time so that he does not get another upset tummy.


08-23-13, 08:34 am
What do you mean limit his time? I have Bermuda grass. He loves eating it. But i dont let him eat much. I just try and get him out to exercise. It's hard keeping up with him lol

08-23-13, 08:40 am
Fertilizer is put on my yard but they said it's safe for pets once it dries. But i was concerned about that so i let him eat out of the yard beside my house which is abandoned. So i know the yard hasn't been treated

08-23-13, 08:41 am
And his yucky poop has gone for the most part. He pees in the litter box but still poops everywhere lol. But only in the bottom level of his cage.

Skinny Wilbur
08-23-13, 08:54 am
I let Wilbur eat a little of our grass. I'm not sure what kind we have but I only let him have a little. He really enjoyed the fresh air.

08-23-13, 08:56 am
Since he is just a baby and not use to eating much fresh foods, like fresh grass, eating too much could give him the runs again.

08-23-13, 08:57 am
Ok. Duly noted. Thanks y'all