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08-29-05, 09:10 am
Hello, Im wondering if you could help me, I have asked this question beofre and no one seems to be able to help. I accidently signed in whilst the 'save my password' box was clicked. I dont like saving passwords to my pc for security reasons. Anyhow, how on earth do I unsave it? People have sudjested unclicking the box, but the box isnt there when I come onto the forum as I am automatically signed on. I no longer have to fill in the part of my username and password and dont like it at all.

08-29-05, 09:13 am
Delete all your cookies, then it should be gone.

08-29-05, 10:18 am
Thanx. xxxxx

08-29-05, 10:24 am
Yes, deleting your cookies will do it.

08-29-05, 10:59 am
What are cookies?

08-29-05, 11:39 am
Woohoo!! I did it!!! Many thanx people, I hadnt thought of that, Im a bit thick when it comes to computers.xxxx

08-29-05, 11:58 am
You're welcome. :)

Mad guinea pigs, cookies are little bits of info almost every site you visit leaves on your PC so the sites recognize you when you return. Passwords are often stored in cookies, too. I don't know the technical details though, I only know you can delete them.

08-29-05, 12:08 pm
Cool, thanks. :)

08-30-05, 09:19 am
I would to post a Posative link for us/you all visit to acheive help with this problem most of us aren't even aware of.

Check out this link and I promise it will Help your PC.

www.lavasoft.com (http://www.lavasoft.com)

And download ad-aware. It a computer cleaner. I have it on My PC and it has made dramatic differences.

If you have Questions send me a private message I will "try"(notice the improtance of try) to give you as much help as needed. :optimist: