View Full Version : What to make with this coroplast box?

08-22-13, 03:51 pm
Scored a cute purple coroplast asparagus box from the grocery store today. Ask and you shall receive! It had green lettering on the outside, so I refolded it inside out. What should I do with it? 10Wx 12L x 7H.

08-22-13, 03:53 pm
What about a hay box? The piggies would love a box to play in and make tunnels in their hay.

08-22-13, 04:07 pm
I thought about that, but I worry about wasting hay since she'll just poop in it so much. I have a hay loft right now, but the hay is in a rack and not spread out all over the floor.

08-30-13, 01:49 pm
I hope its ok if I post in here xD seeing as though no one has in a while, but I would play a game with it, have some veggies, and poke them out through the holes and have the pigs search for it ;)

09-05-13, 12:22 am
Sell it to hipsters on Craigslist as a re-purposed strawberry planter.