View Full Version : Eyes/Non-crusty Shifty and his watery eye

08-20-13, 10:01 am
Hi guys. Was just wondering what your advice is on this. A few weeks ago I had begun noticing Shifty blinking his left eye quite a bit and when looking at it, the eye seemed to be a bit "watery" nearest the bottom corner. It didn't look dis-coloured or look as if he had damaged it (he often runs around and bangs into things - especially his food tub that he puts his foot on and it flicks up and hits him in the head lol)...I took him down the vet who said there didn't seem to be any signs of infection or damage but gave me some drops.

After 5 days now I have stopped the drops as there really didn't seem to be much in the way of anything to suggest he had an infection. It was just still a little watery. Now he is blinking again (on occasions). Is there something I should go back to the vets for? I'm just at a little loss as to what it could be. He is not acting withdrawn or doesn't want his food. He is behaving completely normal (well for him anyway lol).

Any suggestions?

08-20-13, 10:15 am
He may have a blocked tear duct. You can try moistening a sterile gauze pad in some sterile eye solution and VERY gently massaging the corner of his eye.

A watery eye that has no thick and/or colored discharge probably isn't infected. It can be due to something in the eye, but since the vet has already checked him that's probably not it. Allergies are another possibility, but they'd be way more likely to affect both eyes. I'm betting on the tear duct.