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08-20-13, 07:28 am
So, Taco is one of the boys I rescued recently. He has gained about 100 grams since coming to my home (about a week and a half). He is extremely active and appears to be an English. Definitely a boy, but I don't have an age on him. What is concerning me right now is that everytime he eats, he makes this choking sound. It is weird, I have never really heard it before. It's like a gaggy, choky noise. Is he truly choking? I just don't get it, it happens ONLY when he eats, but EVERYTIME he eats.

08-20-13, 07:33 am
Since guinea pigs cannot vomit, when they get something stuck in their throat, they have to force it down their airway. Usually, this happens when they eat too fast. Try cutting his veggies into strips.

Edited by bpatters: Pigs do NOT force food down their airway when something is stuck in their throat. If they did, they'd quickly die of aspiration pneumonia.

08-20-13, 07:37 am
I do cut all his veggies into small strips, small coins. I notice it when he eats hay as well. I will try cutting his veggies smaller this time if I can lol.

08-23-13, 08:01 pm
Taco now has a snotty nose, so I'm guessing it was truly the beginning of a URI. I'm upset over this but expected it to happen. I can't get into my vet until Sunday and the after hours vets are cavy incompetent. I have leftover Bactrim from Henry's URI should I go ahead and begin treating with that until we see the vet on Sunday? He has lost about 110 grams