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08-18-13, 08:30 am
My wife of 3 months and I adopted two lovely piggies about a month ago. Both young females, short hair I guess.

Gus is white on the back half and gray on the front half. She's a bit more skittish and shy but she is also so much more of a snuggle bug. She could sit on a lap for an hour without complaining. She loves leafy greens.

Bea or Beatrix is a bit bigger than Gus. She is calico with a fun cowlick/mohawk down her spine. She is bolder but also a little bit of a "B" in her own way. She is more prone to nipping or gentle biting and has even given me one good solid bite a week ago. She doesn't like to sit still so she's less of a lap piggy. Instead she is brave and loves to explore. She's gotten more comfortable with us over time and I am sure she will get past the biting phase. She never bites Gus that we've seen. Only hands that hold her when she doesn't want to be held. She prefers the hearty veggies. She'll nibble on the greens but she will dig out every tomato, pepper, or green bean that we hide in the dish.

They are such opposites it is amazing that they get along. From their food preferences to how they like to be held to their choice of hideys. they even each have their own preferred potty location. Bea loves the vitamin C chews but Gus won't even try them. Gus loves the vitamin C supplemented water but Bea prefers pure.

We aren't Vitamin C crazy. Early on they both had resperatory infections and we also had a minor bout of fungal infection right after that. Our vet suggested we try to give them a bit of extra vitamin C at the time to help them fight off the funk in addition to the meds. We kept them separated during the time and were very careful but I'm sure by the time we noticed and separted them it had already spread.

We have also gone crazy spending on them. Aside from several vet visits (one of them late at night to an urgent care vet who is not cheap) we got the store cage then not long afterwards we got a 2x3 C&C with a 2x1 loft. We are working on finding toys that they will play with. They love paper bags but Bea seems to have the magic ability to pee in the paper bag within 5 minutes, even if we give the girls two or three bags in the same floor time, they will all be dripping with pee right away.

I could go on and on. It is strange being so attached to such small critters but they really do have more personality than some of the people I work with.

I have been reading this forum and learning so much from you since I got the piggies that I decided to create a user in case I have to ask a question that hasn't already been asked. So far the search has proven that everything I am curious about has pretty much already been discussed. haha

Cheers, and thanks for the great source of information!

08-18-13, 08:55 am
Your piggys sound both so cute! I love have all pigs have such a big personality. Welcome to this forum I hope you enjoy :)

08-18-13, 06:19 pm
We always love to see pictures!! They sound awesome!

08-19-13, 11:02 am
These are pretty basic and no shots of their cage yet. We have been adding to it all the time. Just this weekend I added a home-made fleece jungle.

This is Bea

Here is Gus

And here are both of the girls together.

08-19-13, 11:25 am
Welcome to the forum! we hope you stay and learn with us! By the way... that last pigture.. with Gus's head poking up.. was soooo cute!!

08-19-13, 12:44 pm
Very very cute!!!

08-19-13, 01:33 pm
Okay first, I want to ask, what camera did you use to take these. I have been looking for a camera for a while now, as mine just recently broke.

Welcome! I love the pictures! Better keep an eye on Gus, I may take her soon.... *Evil laugh* JK! But can I have her? :P

08-19-13, 02:37 pm
Omg, they are so cute -- I love Gus's colors!! Welcome

08-19-13, 03:05 pm
It's fine for them to have vitamin c supplements when bouncing back from an illness, but drops in water are a no-no. See here: http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/24466-Should-I-put-Vitamin-C-drops-in-Water-or-can-I-put-Tang-in-the-water

Once they've recovered from their URI's, vitamin c supplements won't really be necessary if they are getting a balanced veggie diet.

Also, Gus is a stunning piggie! He'll be going on the pignap list ;)

08-19-13, 03:32 pm
so cute, and welcome!

08-19-13, 03:32 pm
Oh my goodness I love Gus! I absolutely love grey and white piggies!

08-20-13, 09:40 am
Your little ladies are too cute! Welcome to the forum!

08-21-13, 08:28 am
PiggieGuinea - The camera is a Cannon DSLR. A few years old. My wife got it slightly used and it works great, at least compared to our phones.

GoldieBrodiexx - Thank you for the tip. I had heard that there isn't as much benefit to the Vitamin C liquid drops but I wasn't aware that it could actually have negative effects. I will keep that in mind. Though with as much as they pee I don't think they are going thirsty. ;)

@All - Please don't steal my Gussy. You are welcome to come visit any time and bring friends but we reserve the right to search you on the way out in case Gus might have somehow found her way into your pocket.

08-21-13, 08:51 am
I don't think there are any harmful effects to vitamin C drops, but there just aren't any helpful ones if you mix the tablet and water yourself and then store it. The vitamin C degrades almost immediately, so unless you're syringing it to the pig just after dissolving, it won't do any good.

You can buy stabilized vitamin C drops that will last a while -- not months, maybe, but a few weeks.

08-21-13, 09:49 am
I know I'm late to the party but I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your new piggies are.