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08-17-13, 03:23 pm
Hi everyone as you could tell by the title I was very excited for figuring out how to finally post threads my guinea pig lives in this cage http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12341299 it.is.absolutely.HORRIBLE!!!! I can't believe some people even house 2 guinea pigs in there not one but 2 okay here's the story...

My parents and I were shopping for products for my guinea pig (we finally decided to get one) and we wanted everything to be prepared when she arrives at our house while we were picking out cages my parents saw the one in the previous link and said that it was very good but I personally wanted to get something similar to this one http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11147089&f=PAD%2FpsNotAvailInCA%2FNo because I have read that guinea pigs need lots of space but my parents convinced me to get the first one at first she seemed fine, but now I'm starting to get worried she is 1 years old and 3 months she gets floor time in the living room with constant supervision but she seems sad :'( which makes me so terrified and mad at myself for being stupid enough to get her such a small cage :mad:

I've been trying basically BEGGING my parents to get a 2x3 C&C cage my mom is ABSOLUTELY against it my dad on the other hand is trying to figure things out... point is we're not getting anywhere the more I ask my parents about the topic the more mad they get and less convinced the only problem is that we might not have enough space not even for a 2x3 cage, length isn't the problem it's the width of the cage that worries me, but it doesn't matter I'll keep trying.

Now secondly I've also been talking about a second piggie my mom is against that too, don't get me wrong she loves Poofa but she just doesn't understand the importance of having another cavy keeping my baby company, also (I'm just dreaming here) if my parents let me get a C&C cage AND another guinea pig my plan was to build a 2 story 2x3 C&C cage with a ramp connecting the two fluffballs but... neither of those things are happening anytime soon maybe if things are at their best I would get a C&C cage for Christmas... All what I'm asking from whoever is reading this right now to just tell me what they think of the whole situation and THANK-YOU for reading such a long post :)

08-17-13, 03:39 pm
firstly, congrats on managing to post your first thread!

i agree the petcages are really small, and it's sad to see piggies up for sale/adoption on an online website where i am still living in those cages.

how long have you had Poofa?

ask your mother calmly WHY she is against a C&C cage, remember not to sound demanding or rude! :) from there perhaps you can find out how to convince her better. it would also be good to not constantly ask them about it, it can be tiring. instead focus on building a good reason and explanation for wanting an upgrade for poofa. if price is the reason, there are cheaper ways to build a C&C that members here can help you with.

as for a second piggy, you should explain that it would be not much more to care for two than for one, since all that is required is just a little bit more food and hay. the best you can do for Poofa now is to give her as much attention as you can so she isn't too lonely.

08-17-13, 03:57 pm
Thank-you for replying :) I've had Poofa for approximately 12 and a half months I also don't ask my parents about the topic often AT ALL I ask them maybe once a month or every two weeks I am trying my hardest to be with Poofa almost all the time I'm getting into a schedule that has her running in the living room every morning and night in between those times I just try to give her lap time all the time :) also I DO talk to my mom calmly she is the one who is usually doing the yelling she also gets VERY irritated as soon as I bring up the topic, and she doesn't really let me ask her or convince her while we are talking, and when i DO manage to slip a question into the conversation the question usually is "why don't you let me get another cage?" my mom answers the exact same thing every single time and it is "because we don't have enough space!!" which is why I'm worried my mom will never get convinced and when my mom isn't convinced nobody gets ANYTHING so basically when my mom says yes my dad will too :/

08-17-13, 04:12 pm
Welcome! :) try doing some more research, make a PowerPoint or write a letter to your parents about it, and make sure you have as much information as possible. It took me a few months to finish my powerpoint, and it worked! Try to find a few areas in the house to keep a cage, and show them to your parents to see what would work for them. Can you put a larger cage in your room? also, try raising all of the money for the larger cage yourself.

08-18-13, 09:01 am

How about something like this instead of the rabbit cage? Maybe that would fit better and it's bigger than the cage you have as well as much less money. Plus if you find more room you can add on to it. I think c and c cages are more customizable but lots of people seem to like these cages.

08-18-13, 09:04 am
Traysea Oh my I remember when I showed my parents this cage sadly we don't have space for anything that big, I fell in love with that cage though so cheap and good but.. we can't get it :/ thanks for replying though :)

08-18-13, 09:07 am
Maybe you can talk them into a loft bed for your room and then you'd have lots of space for a bigger cage. But if you just can't fit anything bigger at least you can keep giving her exercise time as much as you can :0)

08-18-13, 09:33 am
I am and no I can't have a loft bed because my little sister sleeps on the bottom