View Full Version : C&C Piggies won't use Kitchen area?

08-17-13, 12:45 am
My cage is a 2x8 grid with a store bought cage added on and I have two kitchen areas in my cage. One one end I just have an extra fleece/towel section and on the other I have the store bought cage with a ramp leading up and over into it. My piggies use the kitchen area on the side with just the fleece pad but won't use the store bought cage kitchen area. I've only ever seen my two youngest pigs ever even go in there. Has anyone else had this problem? I usually feed the veggies on the side with the fleece should I use the other side instead? Or should I just sell the store bought cage and use the money to buy a few extra grids and just do another fleece pad on that side?


08-17-13, 06:39 am
They may not like going up and over the side. If there is nothing in the store bought cage they may feel like there is no reason for the extra work. Guinea pigs are very lazy animals. :)

lotties mummy
08-17-13, 07:03 am
My piggies will not go up a ramp unless there is some sort of cover over it. They feel to exposed I have turned a box in to a tunnel and now they are never off the ramp!

08-17-13, 08:23 am
Do they have to hop into the store-bought cage? If so, try putting a paving stone or two on each side to make it easier to get up and over.

But honestly, unless you've got a herd hiding in there somewhere, the cage is plenty big enough without the store cage on the end. You could save it for an isolation chamber if one of them gets sick or injured.

08-17-13, 12:09 pm
I have 4 girls. Not quite a herd yet. I do have a ramp but nothing covering it like @lotties mummy (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/members/28659-lotties-mummy) suggested. I keep hay in that side as well as put pellets in there once a day. I just feed the veggies on the other side.

08-17-13, 12:31 pm
I don't know if you are doing this but put ALL foods, water, hay only in the kitchen area. Then they will have no choice but to go there. I love the kitchen area. Saves me from soiled fleece flippers = less frequent laundry for me!

08-17-13, 01:33 pm
They might not know how to use the ramp. Try to make it less steep, and turn it into a tunnel.