View Full Version : Hello I am Jansen Dizon; and Was Planning to buy a C and C Cage

08-14-13, 07:56 am
Hello everyone,
I am Jansen Carl J. Dizon, they often called me Carl, Jsen; and I was only 12 years old if you notice. My guinea pigs were two - both male - the one is an abbysinian and the Peruvian - they were both 5 - 6 months but actually, the abbysinian was older. I did not adopt them to a dealer, but instead to a proper Pet shop called "Bioresearch", were almost all popular, but not really more of exotics - only animals that are most cared of. Even though the zookeper informed me that majority of the cavies or guinea pigs there were about ranging 4 - 6 Months old. But I did not consider that because I called them a "newborn" because they were like born, first time - to me on the day they were both separately.

I live in the ounry of the Philippines.