View Full Version : Ive taken the step of......

08-27-05, 02:53 pm
becoming vegitarian!!!!!

Lets see how I go. Me and my other half went food shopping today, I said for him to put meat in for himself , if he wants to eat it thats his choice and I dont have a prob with it. But hes happy to eat what Im eating which will make it easier. He'll still have ham in his sandwiches and eat meat whilst we are out but hes happy to eat what I feed him at home.

What are the veggie burgers like in england burger kings and macdonalds?
I know people who have been to america and have said the burgers over there are so much better than ours. I have heard people say that burger king do a mean (meaning lovely) veggie burger over in america and was wondering what the english ones were like. xxxxxx

08-27-05, 03:36 pm
McDonalds no longer do a veggie burger. Burger Kings veggie burger tastes like rubber, but their spicy beanburger is yummy :D Good luck!

08-27-05, 03:51 pm
Canadian Burger King veggie burgers don't taste bad. I have them when I need a break from Harvey's veggie burger or when I pick up dinner on the way home from physio.