View Full Version : Cell-sorb bedding question?

07-16-02, 09:41 pm
Hi, my name is Lynn, and I have three females which I adopted last year around Christmas. I was using Pet's Preference until my local supplier lost her business. I really can't afford to purchase this online at over $30.00 for shipping. now, one of my girls is small, and has had three bouts with some type of respitory problems. I only want to use the safest bedding for them. They live in their plush cube cage. The cage is the size recommended for three cavies. So, can someone tell me if Cell-sorb is a good choice? And, I like to use a pelleted bedding on the bottom, and a soft bedding on top. I saw that cavyspirit uses pine and carefresh. I'm assuming that wouldn't be safe for my little Squeakers? What about aspen? Ok... I'll shut up now. Thanks for any advice.

09-07-02, 09:38 pm
if that is a type of corn cob bedding, beware, it's not absorbant!

also though, i'm not very familiar with respitory complications so can't give you any help...:( sorry

09-07-02, 10:10 pm
Actually, we now use Aspen and Carefresh, since we found a local source of Aspen. Aspen is preferable over pine.