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08-07-13, 01:51 pm
Hi! I am Cavyclover, and I'm new here. I have three sows, Rosie, Clover, and Peanut. I consider them to be rescues, as they came from a horrible situation. We got them from some "breeders" that housed a few of them in extremely small pet store cages, the others were kept in groups of three or four, living in 1 foot x 2 foot wooden boxes with screen for windows. Even boars. Clover was just 5 weeks old, and Rosy and Peanut were 8 months. I'm so glad they don't have to go through that anymore. Did I mention the room they were in was an old basement with poor lighting? Yeah. Anyway, they live in good condition now, except I've noticed their cage is small. Don't worry, I have just discovered coroplast in my area and I am making them a 2 x 6 grid cage :) adding the extra two because Clover can get picked on, so I am also going to make a Wall of Silence for temporary uses. :) Thanks for having me here, hope to help who I can :)

08-07-13, 02:58 pm
Welcome! we love to see pigtures :)

08-07-13, 03:28 pm
welcome to the forums! im glad you rescued you pigs out of that horrible situation. hope to see some pigtures soon!:)