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Cavy Tamer
08-27-05, 12:27 am
My bunny is a little over 5 months old right now. I want to buy 50 lbs of hay from Oxbow. Should I buy him alfala hay or western timothy hay?

08-27-05, 08:02 am
http://www.kmshayloft.com/ will let you buy mixed bags of alfalfa and timothy. Lately oxbow has been very brown.

08-27-05, 08:43 am
My recent shipment of Oxbow hay was the best, freshest shipment I have ever gotten from them. I couldn't be happier. My bunny couldn't be happier, he goes crazy for the stuff. Plus their new crop has just arrived so they have the freshest of fresh right now. Oxbow is an excellent choice.

Do you have just this one bunny? 50 pounds is ALOT! I've never thought how long it would take a bunny to chow down 50 pounds of hay! Just keep in mind that all hay has a shelf life. All hay will eventually go brown. If it doesn't it is loaded with chemicals. Kind of like McDonalds food. :sarcastic

Bunnies are considered mature at 6 months so they shouldn't need alfalfa any longer. In other words DON'T buy 50 pounds of alfalfa! Stay away from alfalfa based pellets also. All this assuming the bunny is of good weight and healthy.

If I were you I would get the smallest bag of alfalfa and the rest timothy. Generaly I never buy over 9 pounds at a time for our 2 guys. It lasts a while. Plus I want to order the new stuff shortly.

If anyone has had a problem at all with any Oxbow product then they should contact the company. They take the quality of the products very serious and will GLADLY rectify any problems consumers may have. I have always found them to be nothing short of stellar when it comes to customer satisfaction.

And if you join their mailing list they have special offers and discounts quite often.