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mel molly meg and missy
09-17-02, 06:46 pm
I am new to piggys, We have Four, Mel, Molly, Meg, and Missy. They are adictive, we started with one a couple months ago and just couldn't stop! My question. At my local pet supply store they want $2-3 for mini bales of timothy hay, And I go through a couple a week. I contacted a local feed store and they have large bales but they are a Timothy/Alphala mix 75/25. I can get the large bales for the same price I pay for the mini ones and the large ones are fresh cut localy. For now the piggies are still young, (Mel the oldest is only just 2 months and missy the youngst is only about 5 weeks.) so for now it should be ok but when they get older will the be too much Alphala?


-Glen, Rosa and the Gang!

09-19-02, 01:12 pm
I've only ever given timothy hay to my piggies. I believe after they are 4mos old they don't need the alfalfa hay anymore - so you should be safe with that up to 4mos old. Do you know who their supplier is? Perhaps you can arrange to get timothy-only bales instead of the mixed bales. It *is* much cheaper to buy more and it is fairly easy to store and keep fresh. I buy my hay from the ferret store : www.ferretstore.com/hayproducts4.html (http://www.ferretstore.com/hayproducts4.html)
or direct from oxbow:
www.oxbowhay.com (http://www.oxbowhay.com)

If you can afford a larger order, the ferret store does free shipping (for all U.S. orders over $25).

Hope that helped!

09-19-02, 09:35 pm
I buy my cavies Timothy hay at PetsMart in bags of 48 ounces. This may not be as fresh as the Ferret Store's hay, but I know the fresh smell of hay, and the bags I've bought so far have looked/smelled fresh. Not to say the Kaytee 48 oz. bags *are* fresh, but the bale provides the heads, which my cavies adore and they LOVE it!!
I think I'm going to order from the Ferret Store soon- I've been interested in alot of the products there.
take care.... :)

09-25-02, 10:49 am
They should have alfalfa hay till they are at least 6 months old. Timothy after that.