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08-26-05, 10:28 am
First I bring in the GPs to foster. Then, today when I was at the SPCA caring for and sociallizing the rabbits, I was told that Fonza, a female rabbit, was scheduled to be Euthed today.

Fonza is a "problem bunny" very cage aggressive and she bites. I have been working with her and while she loves me and allows me to pet her, pick her up and be in her cage...and allows others to do the same while I am around, she goes back to her nasty habits when I leave.

She has been at the SPCA for a while and no one wants a rabbit that is vicious.

Well, I WANT HER! She has come so far in the short time I was working with her that I couldn't give up on her when she needed me most.

So Fonza is home with me. She looks very much like Amanda's Devil with a personality to match. I think she will be renamed DeathBlaster. I will have to get Patches neutered this week if I have any hope of adding her to my home permanantly.

My husband is NOT going to be happy with me. Maybe he won't notice her....at least until she sneaks up on him and bites him.

08-26-05, 11:08 am
You are absolutely fantastic! I am so glad that there are people like you in the world! You tell your husband that he should be so lucky to have someone as compassionate and caring as you :-) You rock!

I can't wait to see pictures!!!!

08-26-05, 11:13 am
I'm so happy you could take her! I still feel bad when any animal gets put to sleep just because they are mean. It is so sad to think that she would have been put to sleep. I hope she and your husband get along.

08-26-05, 11:28 am
ha ha ha well ya know they always get over it dont they :) Congrats on the new problem child. I have been taking classes every now and again on a method called the tellington touch, have you ever head of it? Its like an accupressure that helps with many problems including behavioral issues. Let me know if you want a link to read up on it to help your new baby.

08-26-05, 11:30 am
I wanted to add that I do preform this on my foster gps and buns, it has changed a lot of little stinkers to nice pets, but there are always those that are the exception to the rule :)

08-26-05, 11:45 am
OMG Voodoo you're too funny!! I want to see the video of hubby getting nipped. hehe. Good on ya for giving her a second chance.

08-26-05, 12:40 pm
Good Luck with that one! Devil snuck up and bit my husband on the butt not too long ago. My husband hasnt forgotten it either. Good luck with her and patches.

08-26-05, 12:41 pm
I am happy that VDJ is giving this precious animal a shot at life. The alternative is not even negotiable.

There is clearly a reason that this bunny is so mean. She was mistreated. She trusts VDJ and she needs affection and attention. VDJ clearly is doing what is right instead of dooming her to the unthinkable.

This bunny deserves and has the right to live. At all costs.

Bravo, VDJ. :o

08-26-05, 01:02 pm
I just wanted to point out that just because the bunz has a attiude doesnt nec mean it was mistreated (not that I dont doubt it may have been). Female buns in particular become very hormonal and cage agressive as they reach sexual maturity. Thus another reason besides medical ones to have rabbits spay/neutered. I am keepin my fingers crossed getting her fixed will help curb her little firey side, but love and patience will help it along tons as well. Best of luck.

08-26-05, 01:13 pm
Well, in my case Devil was mistreated. But the neuter helped him make almost a complete turn around. I have complete faith in Voodoo. She is such a great animal advocate. And if this doesnt work out, maybe she will have a good guard rabbit to protect her home ;)

08-26-05, 01:22 pm
Well of course mistreatment isn't etched in stone. But from my working with rabbits, and it has been alot, when a rabbit fights people and clings to one it is a sign, but not always of a previous mistreatment. Sure, she could have misdirected energy. But she is responding agressively to something. And she is clearly responding to VDJ in a postive way. She is winning this bunny's TRUST.

So, this bunny will have absolutely NO problem changing her aggressive ways. THAT is etched in stone.

And one more thing, I am so sick and tired of bunnies like this being labeled, "problem bunnies" or "vicious" therefore dooming him or her to die. There's plenty of problem PEOPLE but I don't see anybody lining them up to the gas chambers yet.

VDJ is going to make a winner out of this bunny, which she already is in my eyes. It takes a person who is willing to do the work. Sadly, a lot of people don't want to.

08-26-05, 07:04 pm
Well.......what did the hubby say? Sure would like to see pics too.

08-26-05, 07:20 pm
I came home from overseeing the homeschool group this afternoon and sat and had coffee with my hubby.

We chit-chatted, dealt with a repairman who was over and suddenly...

Hubby - "why do we have 2 rabbits?"
Me - "what are you talking about?"
Hubby - "There is a second rabbit in the house"
Me -"No there isn't...is there?"
Hubby - "Elly...?"
Me - "We don't have 2 rabbits. A little early to have started drinking isn't it hon?"
Hubby - <gives me the look to knock off the cuteness>
Me - Explains why the rabbit is here, about being euthed today and how far the rabbit has come while under my care.
Hubby - "How is it going to work...keeping it?"
Me - I explain about neutering Patches, enlarging the cage a bit and them sharing the cage at night.
Hubby - "O.K."
Me - <jaw on floor> can't believe how easy that was and how lightly I got off.

and THAT boys and girls is why I married him.

08-26-05, 07:48 pm
WOW! I am so happy for you. You seem to have a great guy there.

Slap Maxwell
08-26-05, 07:49 pm
Good for you, voodoo!

I also got to witness the time that the rabbit formally known as the Devil bit Amanda's husband. Poor guy.

08-26-05, 07:49 pm
Lol, that's great, VJ! Good luck with the bunny :)

08-26-05, 08:17 pm
My hubby is not fond of rabbits. He used to be fine with them until a house rabbit we had years ago decided that only myself and the rabbit got to sleep in the bed.

One day my hubby and I go to bed and fall asleep. At about 1:00 in the morning I wake up to my husband FREAKING out. I jump up, turn on the light and Marshmallow, our New Zealand rabbit, is on top of him, attacking him and trying to drive him out of the bed.

The rabbit got banished to a cage at night and hubby has had a grudge against rabbits ever since.

08-26-05, 08:19 pm
My hubby is a total pushover. He didn't warm up right away to the piggies like he did Bunny. On a side note, I am excited to say that Bunny came out of her cage for explore time and not once did she potty on the floor!!! She actually went back into her cage used the litter box and came back out! I am soo [email protected]!!!

08-26-05, 10:18 pm
That's great Zakfox

Thanks everyone for the support. Fonza came out for floortime. She has to be one of the sweetest rabbit's I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She explored, knocked stuff over, made a few happy bunny jumps and in general enjoyed being out of a cage...something I don't think she ever really did before.

She tired out quickly and went back to her cage but not once did she try to bite, scratch or get nasty. She did spray my daughter and I think she chased my son off (he deserved it) but in general I think she was just bored in her small cage and needed to get out. Time will tell.

I hate that I have her in a small pet store cage at the moment but it's all I have room for. She will get to be out of the cage for 8-10 hours each day so that should help. Once Patches is neutered and the Q is over I will build the two of them a bigger love nest. I am hopeful that it will be a good match and they will bond.

08-26-05, 10:41 pm
Picture time. These pictures were hard to get as Fonza will not stop running. As soon as you let her out of her cage she starts dashing around with joy. She stops long enough to get stroked then as soon as you stop she starts dashing around again.

She spent a good 5 minutes doing laps around me as I sat on the floor.

Here is a picture that shows why Fonza reminds me of Amanda's Devil

Look how pretty I am

I won't stop running.

08-27-05, 12:52 am
I love the cottontail!!

08-27-05, 09:03 am
My daughter just asked if that was a picture of Devil. Wow! That is amazing.

08-27-05, 09:16 am
Isn't it? It's almost scary. If we were closer I'd be inclined to think they were related.

08-27-05, 09:38 am
WOW! I am so happy for you. You seem to have a great guy there.

There are so few of us to go around. :cheerful: :D

08-27-05, 09:40 am
There are so few of us to go around. :cheerful: :D<hahahahahaha>Gee C&R you sure are modest!

Bunny Gurl
08-27-05, 06:34 pm
wow what a story she is so gorious:o If my mom wasn't in my way I would try to save every rabbit i could but I can't I can't wait till my boyfriend and I have our own house.:sarcastic