View Full Version : Urine What does urine sludge look like?

08-02-13, 11:58 am
I don't see my girl's pee since she always does it on wood pellets, but when I'm cleaning her cc cage I put her in the midwest cage with the blue tarp until I'm done. Here is where I can see urine. Hers has yellow in it but it's got whitish as well. She's not having difficulty going. Is there any photo of urine sludge to help me decipher?Her greens is a small piece of kale, 4 italian parsley leaves, 4 cilantro leaves with her green or red lettuce every other eve. The other eve the greens are just the spring mix sold by the pound in Safeway which I'm not totally sure what's in there. I know dandelion greens. It's a mix so she's not getting a ton of anything in the given eve.

AM is always green/red lettuce, green pepper, and radicchio.


15 min later the pee is more on the cloudy white side with yellowish shade. It's on turquoise blue tarp so it's not as clear to say for sure.

08-02-13, 12:16 pm
Sludge is grit in the urine, and is a sign of calcium being secreted. It can be powdery or gritty when dry. I'm sure you can probably google up some pictures.

But, there are some things you can do about the diet. Parsley is high in calcium. Cilantro is not, particularly, but mine secrete calcium like crazy when fed it. Kale is very high in calcium, as are dandelion greens. I'd cut the spring mix out altogether, and just stick with red and green leaf lettuce for greens.