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08-25-05, 01:22 pm
can anyone confirm or deny the measurments I'll need for a 3x3 C&C piece of coroplast? Using the numbers for a 2x3 and see they are 53"x39", would a 3x3 require a 53"x53" piece? Also what are your opinions on a 2x4 vs a 3x3? Which do you all prefer for two piggies? I just think my cage is too narrow. I'm going to see if I have room for a 3x4 though so I can satisfy myself. But if there is not enough room for a 3x4, then I'd like to see if a 3x3 would be better than a 2x4 at all. I might be able to do a 3x4 in an "L" type shape. I'm going to have to make some drawings I think.

08-25-05, 06:58 pm
Really it says 53"? I get 42" when I multiply it. That must be with connectors. I never use the connectors on the sides cause I can't keep them on. Even with pliers they just won't stay. A 3x3 would be slightly bigger than a 2x4 and would be a better shape for guinea pigs to run around. The only problem I have with a 3 grid wide cage is cleaning it. I'm too short. A 3 grid wide L would be impossible. I'd have to ask Chris to clean the back corner.

08-25-05, 08:48 pm
You have to add the sides to the 42. If you want six inch sides on a 3x3 cage it would be 54 x 54.

08-25-05, 09:31 pm
Ahh that's what I forgot. I forgot an entire grid length expanding the girls cage lol