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08-25-05, 10:45 am
Mischief died last night at 9years old. I think it was his lungs that finally gave up. His health has been declining for more than a year and it was doubtful he'd survive the summer. His hair pretty much stopped growing and it's been nearly impossible to keep weight on him. Mischief was a 1 in a million guinea pig though because he never ran away from people. He'd actually search out people and spent most of his life in a 2nd grade classroom. He seemed quite happy with his life and all the activity until he and his owner retired. Then he came to live with me and be Licorice's buddy.
That leaves the dilema. Licorice has no cage mate and I don't know if he'll get along with any. Plus I have ended up with a few more guinea pigs than I can handle. I need to get them condensed down into 1 room so Chris and I aren't having as many allergy problems. The girls are fine because with a little creativity I expanded their cage. Odd shaped a bit but they have plenty of space. Then I have space for one 2x4 cage. I have 3 adult boys and three 2 week old boys. Cinnamon and Orbit get along well enough now and are temporarily in a 2x3 in the living room. Licorice though lived with a female his whole life and doesn't seem capable of interacting with other boars. He humps everything and everyone non stop with no real reason. He doesn't seem to get it's a sign of dominance and the other guinea pigs eventually get mad at him and start a fight. Licorice always loses the fight. Mischief was so laid back he just ignored Licorice climbing on top of him or went in a house until Licorice got over it. I'd have him neutered but Licorice is 5 or 6years old so I don't think it would be a good idea. Unless they all get along in 1 last ditch attempt at a buddy bath I think I'm going to have to adopt out Licorice or Cinnamon and Orbit along with the 3 baby boys. I really don't think they'll get along because when Licorice and Cinnamon just hear or smell each other they start chattering. When dealing with those 2 I wouldn't be surprised to have a fight during a buddy bath.

08-25-05, 10:53 am
I'm so sorry to hear about Mischief. I'm sure he had a nice long life with you. =)

I'm not sure about the dilemma with Licorice. It's a tough choice. Perhaps you could try to introduce him to the other boars? Maybe they will get along after a little bit of quarrel. Good luck.

08-26-05, 04:41 am
Oh, I am so sorry to hear about Mischeif. He did well to get to 9 years of age, bless him.

I had trouble with my 3 adult pigs when I first introduced them. I just gave Lottie separate floor time to Charlie & Tuppy, so that they could see each other through the cage, and after about a week, I reintroduced them after giving them separate baths, and they were OK together.

Is any blood drawn when the 3 boars fight? Was the environment totally neutral, including the toys, bedding, bottles etc.?

08-26-05, 12:51 pm
There was lots of blood drawn on 2 occasions. They almost killed each other and Licorice has a few scars. The first time was after they'd been caged together for 6months. Cinnamon must have just got tired of Licorice and I walked in on a ball of fur. After dividing the cage for awhile(letting wounds heal) I gave them a buddy bath and had them sitting on the couch drying while I cleaned the cage. They started chattering but soon calmed down and were just sitting there. Then someone moved and all of a sudden Cinnamon had his teeth sunk into the tendon on Licorice's leg and Licorice had his teeth buried all the way into Cinnamon's side. After treating the scraped up leg and puncture wound I decided to give up and keep 2 boys to a cage. Orbit picks on Licorice though so now that Cinnamon has grown up and calmed down a little I was going to attempt it again. So far they chattered through an entire bath and then for 2hours through the bars but they both don't seem like they want to fight. They just remember each other and don't want to back down.

08-26-05, 06:11 pm
I am so sorry to hear of mischief's passing. 9 is quite old for a piggie, he had a very long good life.

The Magic Taco
08-26-05, 06:15 pm
Yeah, if it makes you feel any better, if he was nine you must have loved him and taken so much care of him! He loved you and you loved him.

Loving Piggy
Loved Piggy

08-26-05, 08:20 pm
Sorry to make any change of topic - but what is a buddy bath?