View Full Version : Rabbit breeders

07-24-13, 10:33 pm
Can anyone help me flag TONS of rabbit breeders on CL? If so its Shreveport, louisiana then type in rabbits and there's TONS of them! Any help is appreciated!

07-24-13, 10:37 pm

I hope this will pull up the page!

07-24-13, 11:26 pm
I will do my best! Hope the rabbit breeding numbers go down in your area.

07-24-13, 11:35 pm
YourSoJelly thank you so much its ridiculous how many rabbit breeders there are around here all of which keep them outside in hutch type things with wire flooring not to mention it gets really hot around here and nearly all have no hay! It's so sad :(

08-07-13, 07:25 pm
There is a backyard breeder here looking for ANY animal he can find. Quite disgusting! Tons of backyard breeders here, but mostly dogs and cats :(