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08-25-05, 02:48 am
It will only be me turning vegitarian in my family, although they wont mind eating quorn etc. I just wanted a few tips. I think for myself it will be best to just stop eating meat rather than cut it out.

How do you deal with not eating your favourite meats?
What about eating round familys and telling them you dont eat meat?
Should I take vitamin tablets?

Any help would be much appriciated. Thanx xxxxx

08-25-05, 08:21 am
Good for you for going veggie! =D

Not eating meat just really wasn't a big deal for me. For some people it's really hard, but I think it was rather easy. At first I missed burgers a little, but that quickly went away. But I missed chicken for quite some time. Thankfully, a lot of the fake meat chicken products taste A LOT like chicken. It was really hard when my whole family would get fast food or something with meat and I would be sitting there with a salad. Sometimes I still get "cravings" when I see something that looks good, but I just think "That's an animal on that plate. It used to be alive." It's working so far!

When I eat with my family, I either eat all the side dishes (potatoes, corn, veggies, etc) or I make something for myself. Meatless lasagna is the best!

I take a multivitamin and a vitamin C tablet everyday.

08-25-05, 08:24 am
Vitamins are a good idea. I went with a solid multi-vitamin with lots of iron and B12 (I was defincent before I went veg). As for family, who are they to say what you should eat and what you shouldn't? You sound pretty mature so I'd guess you are an adult, so really it's up to you what you eat. My inlaws are impressed that I have kept it up this long and now make sure there is at least one vegitarian dish when i go over.

As for meat, I really wasn't big on meat in the first place (it's not so fun and yummy when you feel like you swallowed an angry cat later in the day) but I find that fake meat is tastey enough for me. Harvey's and Burger King make good veggie burgers, and the grocery store has decent fake chicken and beef (though so far the pork leaves a bit to be desired).

08-25-05, 10:03 am
I became a vege in march! It was not so hard for me because I really love animals(I have 18 pets) and it was hard for me to eat something dead. If you do make sure you get enough iron (from like lettuce and stuff) or you will become very ill. It was hard for me in the sence that I was(and still am)the only vege in my family.

08-25-05, 11:07 am
Thanx guys, next shopping trip theres gonna be a few different items on the menu! My other half is cool about it, he eats what I eat anyhow as Im the one that cooks mainly.When I joined weightwatchers he lost a stone and a half just by eating the same dinners as me!!!

Is chocolate vegetarian? Please tell me it is!!! xxxx

08-25-05, 11:35 am
It's vegetarian, but it's not vegan. Vegetarian is not eating any meat. Vegan is not eating any animal products at all (eggs, milk, cheese). Since chocolate has milk in it, it's not vegan.

08-25-05, 02:08 pm
Thats ok then. I'm addicted to chocolate!!!!I can go without meat but I couldnt be vegan x

08-31-05, 12:49 am
most chocolate is NOT vegetarian it has bug ingredients, gelatin, animal fat...alot of bad stuff cadburys has alot of nasty ingr. but im lucky i live near a mostly vegan shop and it has vegan chocolates you can order good stuff on the internet

08-31-05, 07:19 am
Bummer. That will be my 'non veggie' treat! I cant give up chocolate!!! x

08-31-05, 10:43 pm
Actually, my mom is Vegan, so I think I know more then I want to on this subject, but dark chocolate is made allot of the time with out milk or any animal products. Just be sure to read your lables!!
Thats ok then. I'm addicted to chocolate!!!!I can go without meat but I couldnt be vegan x

08-31-05, 10:50 pm
Morning star farms makes a great "chicken" patty (no meat), and it tast JUST like chicken! I have been semi-veggie for 12 years. I go back and forth. It is hard for me sometimes, I eat boco bergers, and meatless hotdogs (allot of tofu). But, every once in a while, I have to have a burger. I am trying to stop that, but 12 years of trying still has not got me 100% veggie. I agree on the vegan idea. That is way too hard for me! They put animal products in places you would not even think. Breads, candies (gelitin in candy), honey, whey (milk product), I could go on for ever. But, think about the poor animals getting abused in mass farms. It does make me ill. I stopped taking my allergy shots due to the fact that animals are used in testing, and to get the syrum for the shots. It is really sad!

09-07-05, 04:14 pm
I'm thinking of going Veggie. Alot of my friends are Veggie, but my family are real big meat eaters. Also I have a big soft spot for pork.

Susan W
09-08-05, 01:54 pm
My experience with giving up meat is that after awhile, it starts to look kind of gross and you may not really even want to eat it any more. And I used to love it, way way back.

09-16-05, 07:59 pm
I'm a vegatarian. The way I see it, you're not killing anything with milk, cheese, eggs, so I'm not vegan. Even grocery store eggs aren't killing anything since the eggs aren't fertilized.

I've been vegetarian for five years. I've found I don't really miss meat even though I used to love it (sometimes I miss shrimp though). Once I stopped eating meat it became kind of automatic. The thought of eating it doesn't even enter my head, so I don't miss it.

Good luck going veg everyone!

09-17-05, 01:56 am
Do you know what rennet is? Rennet is a ingredient in cheese. well the source of rennet is the stomach lining of newly-born calves, calves left over when there moms are busy making milk for them, but then the milk is being stolen for people (which we dont need but they do need) and the dairy farmers dont need more mouths to feed especially if they are males. They get rennet by scraping the stomach out usually of a live calf. so thats killing and torture. So you might think ok i will try soy cheese, no they have some bad things in it to, so if you want good, nice to animal cheese try SOYMAGE, VEGAN RELLA and SCHEESE. alright now milk is mean because they are kept preggy so that they make milk all the time, then they take there calves for rennet or for a life like there mothers where they keep having babies stolen from them, which is mean dont you guys think? so drink my favorite soymilk SILK (please). So eggs. like cows, chickens get there babies stolen from them . "Free Range Eggs", be aware that many sites classed as "free range" aren't really free range, they are just massive barns with access to the outside, since the food and light are inside the chickens rarely venture out, and there isnt much room to move and find the little door anyway! and "Normal 'Battery' Eggs" the battery hen is an anxious, frustrated, fear-ridden bird forced to spend 10-12 months squeezed inside a small wire cage with up to 9 other tormented hens. Battery hens are debeaked with a hot machine once and often twice during their short lives, typically at one day old then again at seven weeks old, because a young beak will often grow back. Debeaking causes severe, chronic pain and suffering which researchers compair to phantom limb and stump pain. Between the horn and bone of the beak is a thick layer of highly sensitive tissue. The hot blade cuts through this sensitive tissue impairing the hens ability to eat, drink, wipe her beak, and preen normally. Debeaking is done to offset the effects of the compulsive pecking that can afflict birds designed by nature to roam, scratch, and peck at the ground all day, NOT sit in prison; and to save feed costs and promote conversion of less food into more eggs. Debeaked birds have impaired grasping ability and are in pain and distress, therfore eating less, flinging their food less, and "wasting" less energy than intact birds. so thats it about debeaking. So what can be subsituted for eggs? ENER-G Egg substitute and tofu recipes that you can find on the internet. What did i forget?:melodrama I dont mean to be attacking you people, i just think people saying milk, cheese, and eggs dont kill them is kind of a dumb quote and even if it does not kill them it tortures them. so there is alot of good fake meat, cheese, milk, and eggs, So why not? as you can probably tell im 100% vegan and LOVE ALL animals. oh and i think its great if your vegetarian, i just want some to relize that it hurts them even if it doesnt kill them. What do you guys think?

09-18-05, 04:16 am
I do agree martina but must admit I failed miserably in my attempt to be a vegitarian, I shall keep trying though! x

09-18-05, 02:54 pm
Thanks for all that info, Martina. Some of it I didn't know. Sorry to bug you with that quote. I do try to get rennetless cheese or cheese with vegetabel rennet. I also get Tofu often. The only thing preventing me from going vegan is cost. I know you can't put a price on a life or torturing an animal, but we really don't have the money I think is necassary to get everything 100% vegan.
If I read rennet on an ingredients label, I definitely don't eat it, though.

09-18-05, 08:00 pm
ok im sorry everyone

09-19-05, 08:43 am
You don't have to say you're sorry, Martina.;)

09-19-05, 08:16 pm
thank you :)