View Full Version : Coroplast which direction is coroplast stronger?

07-23-13, 12:22 pm
I am making an insert for my fleece liners and I am trying to figure out which way to cut my coroplast so it is stronger. So which way is it stronger with the fluting running the long way or the short way?

07-23-13, 01:30 pm
I say long way, because then you would have to bend the whole thing to break it. :P

07-23-13, 02:30 pm
Yeah i think long way is the way to go I was folding up some scraps from the base i just built and it bent super easy the short way, the long was was much harder to bend :o)

07-23-13, 03:09 pm
I made mine with the lines running from side to side when I made my flippers and didn't even consider that it would effect the them. I have to be careful putting the fleece and uhaul pads on because they will bend.