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07-22-13, 11:48 am
my lil cavy who has jus turned 2,sneezes atleast 10 times a day and her eyes seem watery. vet diagnosed congestion but gave her wrong medicine:(
please tell me how can i treat her. can i give her medicine meant for human babies as those are mild

07-22-13, 12:49 pm
I would not use human medicine even if it is recommended for babies.
If your vet gave her the wrong medicine, it makes that vet sound like a vet you can't trust for your guinea pig. I would just switch vets and maybe look around online on Google for a medicine.

07-22-13, 01:15 pm
How do you know the vet gave her the wrong medicine? What did he give her? And what is the strength and the dosage?

Human baby medicine is no good. If she's ill, she needs a cavy-safe antibiotic. Human pediatric medicine is often strongly sweetened, and that's no good for a cavy digestive tract, not to mention that it might be the wrong medicine altogether.

07-22-13, 10:33 pm
he gave her amoxicillin,due to which she suffered a lot.i read about bactrim and baytril,are they fully safe for her?

07-22-13, 10:38 pm
he gave her amoxicillin,due to which she suffered a lot.i read about bactrim and baytril,are they fully safe for her?

Stop giving the Amoxicillin immediantly. I think it's time to find a new vet.
She needs an antibiotic, not baby medicine. You need to find an exotics vet who specializes in cavies: http://www.guineapigzone.com/vets. I'm fairly certain you need a prescription to get Baytril or Bactrim. If you post your City and State, someone may be able to direct you to vet.

07-22-13, 10:42 pm
Amoxicillin is on the "Dangerous Medications" list, I think it's time to find a new vet.

Agree! New vet asap! Sounds like an URI as well.

07-22-13, 10:56 pm
its lucknow,india..cant find any good vet here,the vet who prescribed amoxicillin is the best one known.. cant trust any1 for my piggie:( is there any other way out?

07-23-13, 01:14 pm
i looked over the internet a lot about her treatment and m planning on giving her a small amount of bactrim at first..i think its better than to leave it untreated. i am left with no other option:( cant find a good vet for guinea pig even in other city and state..m helpless:(please tell me if i am taking a wrong step by treating her this way.

07-23-13, 01:29 pm
You're right, amoxicillin is the wrong medication. No 'cillins for guinea pigs should be given orally, although in some cases they're given by injection to bypass the gut. Even in those cases it's still risky.

Baytril would be better for a URI than bactrim, which is usually more effective on urinary tract infections. Bactrim is not likely to be effective against anything causing a URI. Can you get hold of Baytril? I don't know what name it goes by in India, but the chemical name is enrofloxacin.

07-23-13, 09:29 pm
il check in my city today itself whether its available or not. n yes it was given on the internet that baytril is available here in india.i just need to give her a probiotic along with it right? and handfeed in case of loss of appetite.. i spent days when she suffered due to amoxicillin,but i hope baytril wont affect that way

07-23-13, 09:36 pm
That's correct. Give the probiotics either before or after the antibiotic, and be prepared to hand feed.

The usual foods for handfeeding in the US are Critical Care, Critter Be Better (which I believe has the probiotic already added to it), or a slurry of ground-up pellets. Most people find that it's better to make the slurry more watery than thick. But it's worth it to try and see if she'll eat any of these foods from a spoon rather than from a sryinge -- that will make it much easier to feed her. You can also flavor them with plain canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix) or baby food pumpkin or squash.

Read http://www.guinealynx.info/handfeeding.html, and post back here if you have questions. Use a large syringe to fill small syringes, and cut the ends of the small syringes off -- that'll make it easier to get the food through the syringe.

07-23-13, 10:11 pm
This thread made me wonder what baby medicine you were referring to?! There are NO approved congestion medications for babies, and none that are effective for children under the age of 6! I think that you need to follow the other posters advice though, and begin Baytril. Definitely do not give anymore of the Amoxil

07-23-13, 10:40 pm
i am not sure of getting critical care or any such food here..il feed her pellets thn.n yes i stopped giving her amoxicillin right after 1 dosage when i learnt about its effect on guinea pigs..checking for baytril in the market

08-02-13, 11:38 am
I got bayrocin..is it ok for d piggie? Its also bayer's..can i use it as a substitute of baytril

08-02-13, 12:20 pm
Looks like the same active ingredient as Baytril. What strength tablet did you get, and how much does your piggy weigh?

08-02-13, 12:35 pm
Its 50mg..n its been long i have not measured her weight ..il do it soon

08-02-13, 01:03 pm
50 mg. per what? Is it a liquid? 50 mg. per 1 milliliter? or is it in a tablet and each tablet is 50 mg.

You'll have to know how much she weighs so you'll know how much medication to give her.

08-03-13, 07:38 am
its 50mg per tablet

08-03-13, 09:57 am
And how much does she weigh? We have to know that to keep from under- or over-dosing her.

08-04-13, 12:34 am
Shez 911 gms

08-04-13, 10:57 am
Ok, she needs a bit more than 1/10 of a tablet twice a day -- those tablets are about twice as strong as we usually see in the U.S. You can try sprinkling it on her food, but if she won't take it that way, you may have to grind it up, put it in a bit of water, and syringe it to her.