View Full Version : Litter Training Homemade litter boxes

Beth Pearson
07-22-13, 09:50 am
Currently I have my hers of four females in a 3x5 c&c cage. I've noticed they all go pee in one spot and my fleece liner is starting to stink because of that one spot. I have put a baking pan down with Yesterday's News litter in that spot. Only problem is now they're flinging the litter out of the pan and with 3 inch sides on the cage, it's going everywhere. So a friend (Melissa123) suggested making a coro one. So, how do I do this and how tall should I make the sides? One of their hay racks is above this corner as well. Thanks!

07-23-13, 09:32 pm
I would buy a litter box, or, you could get a..plastic bin, cut it so an end is lower, and then line it with the coroplast o: or just take some coroplast and make a square with the coro and cut an opening :D

07-23-13, 10:14 pm
I made a litter box out of a cardboard box (Had tall walls) and a shower curtain. I duct taped the shower curtain inside of the box. I just cleaned it like I would coroplast, and never had an issue with it. I attached the hay rack over top of the box as well, so that it was inside, and they ate and pooped in there mainly.