View Full Version : Coroplast Need help figuring out coroplast?

07-21-13, 05:02 am
I posted a thread before asking what size to get but now that I got new grids the measurements are not adding precisely so here's my measurements:

Base 58"(L)x29"(W)
Loft 28"(L)x29"(W)
Ramp 29"(L)x18"(W)

I haven't added the extra inches for the walls yet. So how much coroplast do I need for 6 inch walls all the way around(base&loft)?


07-21-13, 08:25 am
Go to the "home" (or main as the tab above reads) of this site for instructions on how to calculate:


Good start to your cage, but if I were you, I would consider doing the following:
*Make the cage at least a 2x5 - good size for two piggies
*Have the loft a 2x2 to provide really useful room - looks as though you are doing that
*Put a bottom on the cage and get it up off the floor - your cavies will be more comfortable if you don't loom as a giant over them
*Make a grid stand for the cage - gets it off the floor and permits you to make cubby holes that accommodate canvas bins for storage

07-21-13, 08:31 am
I can help...I just built mine on Friday....what I did was added 12 inches to width and length which would get you six inch sides.

Your measurement:

Base: 58 x 29

Added 12 inches:

Base: 70 x 41

Just do that for the loft, but not sure about the ramp since I still need to do that too so I will be following this thread.