View Full Version : C&C Alternatives What can I use instead or coroplast?

07-20-13, 03:13 am
Coroplast (or Corflute as its called here) is impossible to get in my area (I live in a small town in a rural area of Australia), as it is I had to purchase the grids online which cost me $65 for 23 grids... so I was wondering if anyone had any idea of what to use instead of coroplast?

07-20-13, 03:23 am
I've heard that you can use shower curtains.. there's s few videos on YouTube

07-20-13, 03:27 am
You can use a cheap waterproof shower curtain. I'm not sure if you'd have a Bunnings store in your area, but they sell sheets of coroflute.

07-20-13, 03:53 am
MochaAndMoo the nearest Bunnings is 3 hours drive away. We have Mitre 10 here which is sort of similar to bunnings, I'm not sure if they'd have Corflute, I'll check it out when I go searching for a temporary hutch, my cousin said she can get me piggies for $10 each, but I dont want to say I'll buy them unless I have somewhere to put them, my grids dont arrive until sometime between August 3rd & 17th.

Thanks for the shower curtain idea, I'll give it a try if I cant get any corflute

07-20-13, 06:47 am
Do sign makers use coroplast for their signs down there? Do you have any sign makers in your area? Or maybe you can order online?

07-20-13, 06:55 am
I've heard of some people using children's foam puzzle cubes instead of coroplast. You could also use tiles, a shower curtain, or even a trash bag to line the bottom.

07-20-13, 07:03 am
Just, what ever you do, do NOT use cardboard! If you value your floor and your nose, do not use cardboard! I did that because I couldn't find any coro... Just don't...

07-20-13, 07:06 am
some people use plastic shower curtains or you can try to find plastic bins for under your bed. Maybe if you are lucky you will find one that is the right width and then just have to cut one end off. Another thing you can look into is actual cage makers in your area, they may be able to make you a custom galvanized tray for the inside.