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07-17-13, 03:45 pm
Hi Everyone! I am a proud owner of a single boar and just wanted to introduce myself. I hve made threads before but wanted to do one completely about Gilbert for once. I will load up some pic. if I get over 10 responses! Anyway, I am at the moment working on getting him a friend but want the two to have extra room so I must update his 8 sqre. ft. cage. Anyway, today my guinea pig did the most adorable thing in the world. I was sitting in his play pen and was just daydreaming when suddenly he started biting my pants. It was raining but not in his pen so I thought he was just scared. Then he nipped my finger. I turned. He looked at me. He nipped and pawed my pants again. I suspected he was just being cranky. I stretched my legs out. Then, he jumped up on my lap and started curling up on it. Surprsed since he'd never done anything like this before, i started petting him. May i just say, I've never been loved as much. almost in tears, you, my buddy are adorable. Share your lovable story! I shall keep you posted!!!

07-17-13, 07:20 pm
That is so cute! Your Gilbert sounds adorable!!!

I hate hay racks so a couple of days ago I made a pig-out pouch (in the fleece store) and they absolutely loved it. Today, I saw that I needed to fill it up with hay. My Daisy was eating out of it so I walked toward the cage and I thought my Oreo was hiding in her hide-away. I picked it up and looked inside, and Oreo was inside it! I was thinking why was Daisy eating like it was nothing? I would think Daisy would hop inside with her! They love to be together, so I thought she would love to be with her inside Oreo's new hide-away! I just thought it was hilarious!

07-17-13, 07:22 pm
I put my boys' walk up house next to the hay rack and Taco climbed right inside and burrowed himself down in there!!

07-19-13, 05:32 pm
Today I got some new hay for my guinea pig and he loved it. I put him on my lap and he literally exploded back in his cage. He came back with a strand of hay. I picked him up and he started shoving the hay in my hand. perhaps a gift??? =....D

07-19-13, 06:23 pm
My signature shoes around the house (since I actually got some) have been flip-flops. We have all hardwood downstairs so you can hear everything. My piggies can hear my flip-flops going yup the stairs. Every time I go up there they SCREAM! I guess they're happy I'm coming to them!
And also in the morning, if I make significant movements on my squeaky metal bunk bed (which is right in front of the piggy cage) they know I'm awake and they'll shriek then too! Sooo cute! :)
I gave my new piggy her first veggies in my room a few days ago (before that she got fruit and lettuce when I could give it to her--she was my sister's) and she tried to steal some from my other piggy's mouth! She didn't want the pieces I had set out for her...no, she wanted CHARLEMAGNE'S veggies! I love my piggies :) can't wait to see yours!

07-27-13, 10:34 am
wow! That sounds adorable!you have some awesome pigs!

07-27-13, 11:04 am
My pigs also know the sound of my bed. If I want to roll over any time after 6AM, I have to do so verrrrrryyy slowly and quietly, otherwise the pig choir starts screaming at me. LOL.

07-27-13, 03:19 pm
The pig choir! My goodness, that is too good!
I do have some awesome piggies :) they wheeked me to sleep on my birthday on the 25th this month! ;)

07-27-13, 03:32 pm
This morning I went to say Hi to my piggy, and I petted him for a moment, but I had to leave so as soon as I left his cage he started wheeking as if to say "Wait! Come back and pet me more!" <3 cuteness overload

08-01-13, 10:08 am
I have to crawl and move slowly around in the house or my pig will squeek his face off and lick my hand for treats. Cavy Slave to MAX!!!!