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10-29-02, 07:43 am
This is marketed as a natural, biodegradable pellet made of aspen bark. Oxbow seem to have a good reputation. Have others used this type of bedding successfully? I wonder if it would be harder on their feet than aspen shavings (which I'm currently using) - but may improve the slight odor problem.

10-30-02, 04:19 pm
It's extremely hard- and expensive. It's like $14.99 for a tiny bag!

I would think that it would be best just to stick with Aspen shavings. They're not as expensive or hard.

Best Wishes! ;)

~*Laura, Pumpkin, and Nikki*~

10-31-02, 06:50 am
Thanks for the feedback...glad I checked before ordering some. I think I'll stick with the Aspen shavings, as you suggested, and perhaps add a small layer of Carefresh on top. On the second level of the CC I have a bunch of quilted placemats and a cut up blanket. My guinea doesn't go 'upstairs' very often [although I suspect he plays more during the night] - so it rarely needs cleaning. When we bring home the classroom guinea pig at weekends it's a different story. The two of them get along really well, and as the classroom guinea is still young (4 months) - he is full of beans and does some impressive 'laps' up and down and round the two levels....which encourages our home guinea to jump around also.

I know this is more a cage topic...but I can't say enough about the CC setup, and how all that extra space encourages guineas to actually act like themselves, instead of sitting like a little lump of fur in the corner of a small cage.