View Full Version : Shavings Bedding Problem

08-23-05, 05:50 pm
When I bought my bedding from my feed store they said there bedding was Pine and I thought ok whatever Ill just let it air out for a week, no big deal. I just know for the first time really looked at the bedding for the first time and it said Soft Wood Bedding. I dont know what kind of wood would be in that and I was wondering if it is ok.

08-23-05, 06:01 pm
I don't know, I have never heard of that. Sorry I couldn't help!

08-23-05, 07:32 pm
Types of soft woods include:

If you don't know if these shavings contain any cedar, don't use them. Cedar is really bad for all small animals due to the aromatic oils in them.

08-31-05, 10:45 am
Make sure the bag says kiln-dried or heat-dried. I use pine from the feed store that says heat-dried and cover it with a layer of care fresh. I was using carefresh alone but since quitting my job to be a full-time student and enlarging my cages, I had to compromise a bit.

08-31-05, 10:48 am
PS My chin and pig are in my room. My roommate doesn't care for pets. I asked my boyfriend the other day if my room smelled like a rodent cage and he said it had no odor. You should not 'smell' your bedding.

08-31-05, 12:07 pm
You can use pine that is not kiln dried or heat dried but you have to let it air out for a few days to get rid of the aromatic oils.